5 Stunning Floral Cake Topper Ideas

Candles have been lit! People have gathered around and you can hear all the laughs and giggles. Rest, everyone is waiting for the cake to be cut and they couldn’t help but admire its aesthetic appeal. Well, cake decoration is quite an art in itself. But no matter the taste and flavour, if the presentation is not up to the mark, it would feel merely like a lump in the throat. And that is where the cake topper comes to the rescue. They can transform literally any cake into a masterpiece. Keep reading this blog to know some of the top floral cake topper ideas that will adorn your delectable treat adding ‘cherry on the cake’!

Semi-Naked Cake with Florals

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There is an old saying that goes, ‘It’s what’s on the inside that counts.’ And this applies well to semi-naked cakes, decorated with flowers. Decorating the semi-naked cake with florals has become a popular wedding cake trend that is here to stay. Provided the cascading of voluminous flowers and an abundance of lush foliage, it truly makes a WOW arrangement. So, surprise your favourite couple on their wedding or anniversary with this cake topper.

Cascading Floral Cake Topper

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Delicate, curving and cascading, this floral cake topper can enliven even the simplest of cakes. The cake looks glam & fab and makes the ideal accompaniment for several occasions including birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Bursting with a stunning arrangement of flowers, it will make everyone feel like relishing spring on the plate.

Naked Fresh Flower Cake Topper

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An easy and effortless way to decorate your cake for any occasion is via a naked fresh flower cake topper. A fresh flower topper, dressed down the cake, gives it a cool and rustic look. So, for those looking to add drama to their celebrations via a lip-smacking yet spectacular cake, this floral cake topper is the right way to do it. So, swoon your dear ones with this stunning one!

Hoop Dried Flowers Cake Topper

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Dried flowers, phalaris and grass arranged on a golden metallic hoop is everyone’s favourite floral cake topper idea. You can use this wreath to decorate birthday cakes, anniversary cakes and wedding cakes alike. Lay this perfect addition on the top or against the cake. You can get one that fits the colour scheme of your cake the best way and compliment it well.

Paper Flowers Cake Topper

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How about turning a simple, flat piece of paper into something fashionable and beautiful, only to enhance the aesthetics of a cake? After all, why not! Cake décor using artificial flowers has been an elegant visual delight for years now. And as simple as this floral cake topper idea seems, it can really enhance the visual appeal and make the cake a delectable delicacy. So, make your special occasions more special with this floral cake topper!

All of these floral cake topper ideas are surefire to spice up even the most ordinary cakes. Moreover, the market is filled with occasion-specific accents that will accentuate the dessert with ease and style. Truly a piece of cake!

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