5 Wonderful Backyard Garden Ideas For your Home

There isn’t a single soul who doesn’t enjoy reading a book or a pleasant cup of tea/coffee with loved ones in their own garden! Gardening is so much fun. Besides, for those with a green thumb, tending to their garden is one of their greatest pleasures. Not only does this activity beautify the space but also helps to relax and connect with the surrounding nature. More so, if you are an avid gardener and reading this writing piece, you must be seeking a few useful tips and tricks to glamorise your greenspace. Therefore, we have put together 5 wonderful backyard garden ideas for your home. Check them out below!

Focus on the Essentials

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Doesn’t matter whether you have a small backyard or an entire landscape – it is important to focus on the essentials. Since the garden is all about feeling relaxed and comfortable, focus on having multi-functional furniture. Go for a sofa that can be utilised for a casual setting or can work as a couch or lounger too in case you have guests.

If you have a small patio space, position your table and chairs against your wall/fence. Keep the chairs in a way they are facing outwards. This gives the feeling of more space. To bring an interior-like comfort outdoors, decorate with fairy lights, spread out a rug and have cushions sitting on the chair. Furthermore, you can also get your hands on beautiful indoor plants in the UAE that are suitable for the outdoors and will beautify your garden.

Use of Mirrors to Enhance the Space

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Mirrors give a feeling of vastness and instantly jazz up a space. They add brightness by maximising light and style up your abode without casting a hole in your pocket.

Also, it will make your space look relatively bigger; a great backyard garden idea for a compact space. Try to go for a mirror that covers most of your wall as it will make your entire garden area feel brighter and picker.

Go More for Low-Maintenance Plants

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A beautiful and well-designed garden is your favourite corner to sit back, relax and soak in the sunshine while the breeze blows gently through your hair and you enjoy the chirping sound of the birds. However, you can only really be at peace when you are not always worried about what to plant, when to prune, taking care of pesticides and more. Hence, go for low maintenance indoor or outdoor plants. They do the same work, without a need for much attention. Also, choose the flowers in Dubai or the UAE keeping in mind the weather and climate conditions so that you can nurture them properly.

Plant a Row of Pleached Trees

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Pleaching is a tree-training technique that involves producing trees with straight, upright stems. A row of pleached trees will form an illusion of more space and give a ‘green wall’ effect. Besides, the pleached trees will also be beneficial in providing those much-needed shade during peak summers. You can easily get any tree of your liking from the nearest plant shop and deck up your backyard.

Save Space by Hanging Garden Tools on a Wall

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If you are working on a small garden with a little budget, you can hang a pallet or two (even the recycled ones) and use them to bundle up all your gardening tools in one place. This will help you save space and also look classy. Moreover, you don’t have to rummage through the pile to find the tool you need.

Well, these were some of the wonderful backyard garden ideas that will help you maintain your landscape and transform it into perfection with minimal effort. These hacks will guarantee you a lawn you will be proud of.

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