7 Amazing Corporate Gift Ideas For Promotional Purposes

Corporate gifts are the type of gifts that companies give to their clients, customers and employees as a token of appreciation, goodwill gesture and for the promotion of new products or services. The corporate gifts are given for the motive of brand promotion that helps in increasing business activity. It leads to a rise in the number of sales, likely to give repeat business and help enhance the personal and professional relationship with corporate contacts. Corporate gifts play an important role in brand marketing, which is a cost-effective advertising method used quite often. Offering corporate gifts to prospective customers and clients help improve the brand image and leaves a positive impression.

While choosing corporate gifts for promotional purposes, the companies need to make sure they suit the needs of the recipient. Read further to unveil some amazing corporate gift ideas that would do magic for your brand promotion.

Flower Arrangements

Be it your esteemed client’s birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion, the ravishing corporate flower arrangements make the best choice for corporate gifting to lift their spirits and show that you care. This thoughtful gesture will convey the message that you value their association and keep them in high regards. The lovely flowers will put an instant smile on their face and give them a reason to remember your brand.

Green Plants

Plants are eco-friendly corporate gifting items that are suitable for every occasion. Be it a traditional festival, brand promotion or the companies want to reflect an appreciation for their long-standing customers, plants in Corpoarte make long-lasting gifts that help keep the surroundings clean and the environment safe. They fill every place with positivity and help enhance the creativity and productivity of the dwellers.

Gift Hampers

The handcrafted corporate gourmet gift hampers designed by experts are best to distribute among existing and potential customers during promotional events. The gesture will help spread awareness about your newly launched product or service and keep your brand name at the top of their mind. Personalize with a card or thank you note will let them enjoy the gift hamper even more.

Customised Water Bottles

A gift as simple as a water bottle engraved with the company’s name and logo can turn out to be an innovative way for brand promotion. Water is a basic necessity for survival, which is consumed by everyone. Having your brand name on the water bottle will keep it at the top of the mind of your clients and customers. They can carry the bottle everywhere, which will serve as free marketing for your brand.

Pen Drives

We live in a world where technology is indispensable. In this technology-oriented age, pen drives are best-suited corporate gifts to help your clients and customers keep their data safe, secure, and handy. The pen drives will make storage and transfer of data easy that will remind them of your thoughtful gesture of offering a utility-oriented gift.

Table Clocks

Time is precious, therefore, it is important to keep track of every minute and utilize it wisely. A table is a basic home accessory that people use for decoration purpose and checking the time. Gifting your clients and customers table clocks engraved with your brand name and logo will always keep it in front of their eyes. The table clock will also serve as a marketing tool by promoting your brand in front of all the people visiting the house.

Business Card Holders

The business cards serve as an important business tool, therefore it is crucial to keep them safe and protected. Business card holders are the best items to keep your visiting cards in an organized manner. Designed with your brand name and logo, they would make excellent low-cost promotional gifts that help enhance the personality of your clients & customers and make them look more professional. Every time they extend their business card to someone, it will remind them of your brand name.

These useful corporate gifts will serve as the best tools for your brand marketing and promotion.

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