How Midnight Surprises Can Make Your Beloved’s Day

I may not be the kind of person who likes big gestures. But when it comes to surprising others, I always come up with great ideas. Seeing that curve of a smile on the other’s face gives me an adrenaline rush. Last month it was my boyfriend’s (Raj) birthday and I decided to make it the most memorable day of his life.

Both I and Raj work at MNC’s in Dubai away from home and our jobs keep us quite busy. Busy enough to not let us meet each other every day. We both have hobbies and passions that keep us occupied in our free time. We both are dependent on weekend breaks to meet and see each other and spend some quality time together. So, finally, when the day arrived (Raj’s birthday), I called Raj and wished him Happy Birthday. As his birthday falls in the middle of the week and it was quite a busy time at his workplace, so it was almost impossible to spare some time for celebrations. So we both agreed to celebrate his birthday over the weekend.

In my mind, I was still thinking that I cannot let this special day go away without celebrating it with the most important person in my life. So, I made a plan and decided to go ahead with it. As I had the spare keys to Raj’s apartment, I decided to give him a midnight surprise on his birthday. During the day, I ordered a gift online from Ferns N Petals and avail their midnight gift delivery service. I made a few calls to invite his friends to the surprise party at his home and requested everyone to not let him know about it.

I left from the office at 7 pm and head directly towards Raj’s home. Started baking his favourite pineapple cake and decorating the house for the surprise party. The balloon decoration along with banners, confetti, wall art, and party bloopers turned out fantastic that changed the entire look and feel of the house. In some time, the guests started to arrive and soon the house turned into a happening party venue. Around 11 pm, the cake was ready, the house was decorated beautifully and everyone required was present in the house. Now we were just waiting for the birthday boy to arrive.

Meanwhile, everyone was busy searching for a place to hide. I called Raj with an excuse to find out the exact time when he will reach home. He informed that he is almost near the home and will reach in the next 10 minutes. We turned off the lights and everyone was hiding at their respective spots. As Raj unlocked the door and turned on the lights, everyone shouted ‘surprise’ and started singing the birthday song. Raj was surprised to the core and anyone could tell that by seeing the love in his eyes and happiness in his voice. He wasn’t expecting it at all and that’s what made the surprise even more magical. After some time, when the clock struck 12, the doorbell rang. It was the birthday gift delivery from Ferns N Petals that I ordered for Raj. The gift delivery was right on time and made the celebration, even more exciting. Later, everyone assembled for cake cutting ceremony and enjoyed every bite of it.

Raj truly loved the amazing midnight surprise that left him awestruck. It made me even happier when he said that this magical day will stay in his memory forever.

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Apeksha Rawat

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