7 Reasons Behind the Need for a Professional Florist for your Wedding

Oh, you’re getting married – Congratulations! But if you think that the hardest part (finding the perfect soulmate) is over, you might be slightly mistaken. Wedding planning is no easy feat. You will have to walk through a number of decision-making tasks such as food, venue, dresses and most importantly, wedding flowers. From walking down the aisle to beautiful centrepieces to tossing the bouquet – you will find flowers accompanying you at every step of your D-Day. Hence, hiring a professional for your wedding flowers only makes sense. Listed below are a few of the many reasons to hire professional florists:

Have the Right Skills & Expertise

Have the right skills & expertise

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If you are thinking of DIYing your wedding flowers, there is a high probability that you are a novice in the world of floral decoration. On the other hand, florists are professionals with the right skills & expertise. They can provide instant solutions according to your personal preferences, thus saving you time and energy. 

Will Save your Time

Will save your time

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At first thought, you might be thinking of doing your own wedding flowers. However, do note that you would have to set aside a sufficient amount of time for planning and ordering. After all, there are thousands of bouquets, arrangements, decorative pieces, types of flowers, foliage and many more things to take care of. Hiring a wedding florist will save you from all such hassles. They’ll handle all the nitty-gritty perfectly and in no time while you sit back and relax.

Know How to Budget

Know how to budget

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If it’s your first time working on the wedding flowers fiesta, you are likely to spend way more than required. This will surely disrupt your budget and also lead to wastage. On the flip side, a wedding florist would know how to choose quality and creative flower arrangements, centrepieces and bouquets that suit your budget.

Know What’s in Season & Available

Know what's in season & available

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Many flowers used for decoration purposes are seasonal. For example, Peonies are only available during November and it’s hard to find them during the off-season. Even if you are adamant that you want peonies only, you will only end up paying higher. A wedding florist will guide you in and out about what flowers are in season, readily available and live up to your expectations. All in all, they will know how to choose the right flowers for your wedding. Rest, if you’re determined to get a particular flower, they might be able to arrange them even when they aren’t in the season though at a price. Choose one wisely!

Have the Key to Several Sources for the Best flowers (& Supplies)

Have the Key to Several Sources for the Best flowers (& Supplies)

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Another reasons to hire professional florists is that they are sure to be in touch with a number of floral wholesalers and flower markets. They have the right connections to growers and thus, based on the needs of their clients, they provide the best of all the worlds.

Handle Emergencies Like a Pro

Handle emergencies like a pro

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Emergencies can happen before, during and after the wedding. And only professionals can take care of such situations. From floral choices to set up and from location to weather – they will predict all sorts of mishaps beforehand and stay armed for the same.

Delivery & Set Up

Delivery & Set up

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Right from delivery to set up – a wedding florist will do it all. They will know how to move the entire arrangement right on time without any hassles. Moreover, they will also have the right tools to avoid any sort of flower casualties. Chances are they would also have different & extra flowers in store to take care of any sort of mishaps.

Flowers are featured prominently throughout D-Day. Therefore, they should be picture-perfect. So, now that we have listed compelling reasons to hire professional florists, go ahead and let them take care of everything for you.

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