7 Reasons Why Dads Are the Coolest Friends

Being a father is tough, as one has to adopt a disciplinary approach in life and lead by example. He has to be a responsible person in front of his kids who they can trust with their life. A father has to allow his kids to make mistakes by which they can learn to accept challenges and face bigger problems in life. And all this without losing his calm. Quite tough. Yes, we agree. But isn’t it amazing that apart from being our role models, our dads manage to become our best buddies for a lifetime. They just know somehow when they are supposed to be our guide and when to switch to a friendly mode.

Let’s have a look at some factors that prove why our dads are our coolest friends ever.

He Knows You Inside Out

Our dad is the person who has raised us with great love and care. He is very well aware of our behavior, understanding of certain things, and how we act in different situations. There isn’t a single thing about us that is hidden from our dads. Well, except maybe that you are dating a guy he warned you about!!

Always There to Lift Your Spirit

Feeling low or sad or depressed? You know who you need to talk to. No, we aren’t talking about the psychiatrist. When life gives you problems, dad is the first person to talk about it. Because he always offers the best pieces of advice and knows different ways to put a wide grin on your face when you are feeling low.

He Is Your Biggest Inspiration

You know what they say about dad- A son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. The most important things in life must be the ones that you learned from your dad. He teaches you the importance of failures and how they help you strive further with great efforts till you get the hold of success.

He Made You Believe In Yourself

To believe in yourself is the biggest strength that one can achieve but often underestimated by many. Dad is the person in our life who made us believe in ourselves and teach that we could be anyone or achieve anything in life if we work for it. His life teachings and experiences help a lot in shaping our future in a better way.

He Is a Great Listener

From talking about college problems to career choices and venting about relationship problems to best friend fights, there isn’t anything about which you can’t talk to your dad. And being a great listener that your dad is, he’s always ears to all your significant and insignificant issues. No matter if he comes up with a solution for your problems or not, just watching him listening relieves your heart.

Loves You Unconditionally

Everyone knows about the eternal love and care of the mom for her kids. But a dad’s affection for his children is equally selfless. He may not be very vocal about his feelings but never shy away from showing that through sweet gestures from time to time. And no matter how many silly fights you both have together, his love for you keep evolving with every passing day.

Your Secrets Are Safe With Him

So you skipped dinner at home last night because you relished the yummy pizza and scrumptious cheesecake with your friend in the evening. Does your mom know about it? You hope not. But your dad does and you can trust him with your secrets. In fact, he is your all-time favorite secret-keeper who never let mom know about any of your harmless mischiefs.

A dad is never just a dad. He wears many hats and fulfills all the responsibilities with great ease. Never shy away from letting your dad know how much you admire and adore him for being your coolest and non-judgmental friend in life.

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