7 Unique Stress-Relieving Gifts

The piled-up chores, responsibilities, deadlines, and especially, the ongoing pandemic, have been too much upon everyone lately. In such a case a caring heart, attentive ears, and sweet gift can be helpful in whooshing away someone’s blues. In this post, we have rounded up plenty of unique stress-relieving gifts that are perfect to restore that much-needed sense of calmness and melt away tension. Keep reading to know about them!

Stress Relieving Ball

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Filled with clay or gel, squeezing a stress-relieving ball repeatedly is said to help alleviate tension and relieve stress. And that’s not all! In addition to reducing stress and tension, squeezing stress balls can also strengthen muscles. Besides, this makes a perfect gift for kids and adults alike. This gift is not only fun but also quite handy and feasible since you can carry it anywhere with you. This way, it will put any mind at ease in no time.


Stress-Relieving Gifts - Plants

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Whether you have got a green thumb or not, when it comes to stress-relieving, being with nature works for each one of us. Even the simple act of watering and watching the plants grow can calm the nerves to some extent. Say no to stress with indoor stress-relieving plants like Snake plant, Aloe Vera, Lavender, Peace Lily and Pothos. All of these stress-relieving plants are easygoing, beautify the space, and will bestow the person with tons of anti-anxiety benefits.

Pop It

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Stress knows no person or age group! Hence, stress-relieving gifts shouldn’t too. Gift someone struggling a pop it which is a lot more than their colourful and sensory appeal. There are various Pop It gifts such as Pop It board game, Unicorn Pop It Purse, Silicone Pop It Notebook & Pen and Pop It mobile cover. Thus, there is a Pop It gift for everyone out there!

Oil Diffuser

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Help them diffuse their stress by gifting a set of oil diffusers and essential oils. An oil diffuser disperses essential oil in the air, spreads out pleasant aromas and gives the room a calmer, soothing ambience. It is perfect for both home and workspace and can even help breathe better in winter. The diffuser also acts as a humidifier and keeps airways moist & helps breathe easier.

Tibetan Singing Bowl

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Sound therapy via the Tibetan singing bowl is an ancient practice of regeneration. This bowl spreads a rich, deep tone which promotes relaxation, spread positive energy and reduces feelings of anxiety. The sound that emits from it is known to relax the brain in an instant and stimulate stress relief on all levels. When buying one, go for a high-quality bowl!

Aromatherapy Candles

Stress-Relieving Gifts - Scented Candles

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A nice, enchanting and pleasing scent has the power to put anyone in a good mood. Thus, aromatherapy candles can go a long way in creating a zen space and relaxing haven. Set a peaceful vibe in their space and lower their feelings of stress & anxiety with a set of aromatherapy or scented candles. The gift is certain to make them feel relaxed and energetic.

Herbal Tea Gift Box

Stress-Relieving Gifts - Tea Gift Hampers

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It is well-said that ‘A cup of tea is a cup of peace!’ Therefore, an excep-tea-onally stress-relieving gift could be a herbal tea gift box. A cup of herbal tea could help relax and unwind from anxiety & nervousness. Also, a tea gift hamper will be beneficial in keeping various illnesses at bay and add to their everyday wellness.

We promise that you will be the favourite among your family and friends when you present them with these soothing, calming, and stress-relieving gifts. It will reflect your concern for their well-being and happiness.

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