Say No to Stress with Indoor Plants!!

With a lot on our plates and the constant pressure to give our best shot at both personal and professional front, stress is kind of unavoidable. Along with the empty lunch box, we also bring back the stress of workplace that affects our personal relationships and create a tense environment in the house. You cannot control the flow of work at the office or the way certain things happen in life but can take preventive measures to deal with all the negativity and lower down the stress. Staying close to nature by keeping indoor plants in the house and workplace is known to have the positive impact on humans. They not only improve your mental and physical health but also purify the air.

Here we are going to discuss some indoor plants that help relieve stress, anxiety and boosts our mood.


Known as one of the best natural anxiety treatment, the scent of lavender slows down the heartbeat, decreases stress and lowers the blood pressure. It is most commonly used in the preparation of essential oils and room sprays as its scent help reduce anxiety and lift up the mood. Grow lavender in well-drained soil and keep in the area that receives full sunlight. You can water the plant deeply when the soil is almost dry. Add some beauty to your space with the addition of this plant.


Many of you must know rosemary as the herb to sprinkle over your dinner but the amazing benefits of this plant are countless. It is one of the best indoor plants that reduces stress, purify the air, and improves the way our memory function. Inhaling the scent of rosemary oil is considered to lower the level of anxiety in humans. For the proper growth of this indoor plant, grow it in a fast-draining soil and place under the bright light.

Areca Palm

The areca palm is another name in the list of indoor plants that lowers the anxiety level, blood pressure and help our body and mind stay calm. They are also the best source to purify the air in the home and offices that removes unwanted toxins present in the air. This indoor plant is easy to care for that strives well in moist, well-drained soil and partial sunlight. Add it to your house for the dash of greenery and peace of mind.


Often added to tea, essential oils, and home sprays, this plant keeps the stress at a bay along with the negative energy and emotions. It has a very calm and soothing scent that works in a wondrous way to keep your brain calm when feeling nervous. Chamomile grows well indoors in a pot in moist soil when watered once in a week. It only requires four hours of light per day and thrives well when placed in the window facing south.

Snake Plant

The regular anxiety can result in a lot of issues, such as headaches, eye irritation, breathing problems, etc. Adding an indoor snake plant to your house or workplace will instantly decrease the overall level of anxiety, enhance the level of positive energy, and help improve concentration and sleeping pattern. Also, they are known to reduce the level of toxic gases present in the air. It is advised to keep a snake plant in the bedroom to improve the air quality while you sleep. This is one of those indoor plants in the UAE that don’t require much attention and grows well in draining soil and indirect sunlight.

These plants are the best choice to improve your mental health at a surprising level and enhance the overall look of your home and workplace.

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