7 Unique Travel Gift Ideas for Men


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Do you happen to know a male friend/relative/family member whose holiday blues keeps on kicking every month? Someone who is always gearing up for new adventures and wanderlust? Someone who loves to witness the fading stars of dawn, roams around the magical streets, has a passport full of memories & souvenirs and just cherishes the moments as they come? If yes, this guide sheds light on the unique travel gift ideas for that globetrotting adventurer in your life. Know more about them below!

Personalised Passport Holder

Passport holder

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Every adventure tells a story! For someone, who has got itchy feet, give him a personalised passport holder. It will make a perfect personalised gift for him that he would highly adore. Get it engraved with a quote, his favourite destination, his initials or whatever you find deemed to fit his personality. Look for a spacious one with a few pockets to take care of his cash and cards.

Travel Backpack

Travel backpack Gift Ideas

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Of course, he would have n-number of backpacks, in different styles, designs and covers, but he would only be happy to add one more to his collection. More so, if he is someone who is always working on the go, browse through a range of travel laptop backpacks or leather bags for men and choose the one that is spacious, water-repellent and has anti-theft closures as well (cherry on the cake). This will cover all his needs.

You can also pair it well with a simple or personalised travel neck support pillow that will make a thoughtful, useful and handy gift.

Waterproof Portable Earphones

Portable earphones

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Music and travelling are something that goes hand in hand. Besides, a travel buff never travels without a decent pair of earphones or headphones. Therefore, buy accessories online that will make his journey fun and far more enjoyable. Choose a stylish, high-quality, noise-cancelling one.

Compact Binoculars

travel Gift Ideas - Binoculars

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Gift him a nice and classic pair of compact binoculars to let him explore and enjoy the zoomed view. A pair of binoculars is something that is well enjoyed and appreciated. Whether he enjoys seeing sunset closely, bird-watching or simply a closer view of anything – binoculars will make the perfect travel gift for him. You will always find them hanging from the straps of their backpack.

Travel Journal


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Among the many travel gift ideas for men, a journal is something that is well-enjoyed and maintained by travellers. Gift him a journal that has scratch maps, pages to record, plan & write about their adventures and a few compartments to store travel documents (tickets, guides, papers, etc.).

Portable Espresso Maker

Espresso Maker

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An excellent gift for any guy – whether travelling or not! If he cannot get himself going without a cup of joe, a portable espresso machine as a gift will make him shed happy tears. This will help him prepare a fresh cup of coffee without the need for electricity, anytime, anywhere. Besides, it will fit easily into his travel bag.

Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Bag

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The nice travel gifts are those that make their journey easy and comfortable. That is why a toiletry bag will make an awesome gift. Buy one that has at least 4-5 separate compartments so that it is easy for him to find his supplies (toothbrush, aftershave lotion, etc.) without much digging in.

Well, that’s all for now! All the aforementioned gifts are unique and provide both comfort and utility. Besides, they are ideal gift ideas even for men who don’t like receiving gifts. He will be thanking you for making his next trip smooth sailing.

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