8 Common Indoor Plant Myths

Indoor Plant Myth

Whether you have indoor plants or you’ve been planning on developing the hobby of gardening, there are certain things about house plants that you would have seen a family member doing, heard from a friend or read online. But when it comes to plants, not all information is correct.

Scroll down as we debunk the most common indoor plant myths that you should know about.

Myth #1: House plants require lots of direct sunlight
Fact: All plants have a unique mechanism and not all require direct sunlight to grow; in fact, many times direct sunlight causes bleached out leaves in certain house plants.

Myth #2: Bigger the pot, better the growth
Fact: The ideal condition for a plant to grow perfectly, is when its roots fill most of the pot. Find a pot that is moderate to the size of your plant for optimum results.

Myth #3: You need to water your house plants constantly
Fact: Though consistent watering is useful; you don’t need to overwater the plant to promote growth. Most house plants don’t require a lot of water.

Myth #4: Indoor plants can be placed anywhere in the house
Fact: For proper growth of your plants, make sure you consider the following points when you keep a plant somewhere- adequate sunlight, average humidity and optimum temperature.

Myth #5: Yellowing leaves or brown tips indicate over-watering of indoor plants
Fact: Though over-watering or lack of watering may cause yellow pigmentation on leaves, that’s not always the case. It may also be caused by the lack of proper fertilisers and ageing.

Myth #6: Plants shouldn’t be kept in rooms because they release carbon dioxide
Fact: That isn’t true, because, one, you don’t live in an enclosed rainforest and two, you don’t live in a completely airtight house. So don’t worry, you are absolutely safe with plants in your room.

Myth #7: House plants die in winters
Fact:  Not unless you forget about them for months in a dark corner. Take care of your plant with natural light, water and humidity, and they’ll keep you company throughout the year.

Myth #8: Misting your indoor plants will increase the humidity
Fact: Misting indoor plants twice or thrice a day has little to no practical value for plants that require moisture to grow. In truth, the best thing that misting does is keeping the plants clean.

Hopefully, this has helped you separate facts from fiction. Make sure to keep these points in mind while taking care of your indoor plants. Go green!

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