7 Quarantine Birthday Gift Ideas for a Friend in Need of Self-Care

Quarantine Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays are no less than an occasion and if it’s the birthday of your BFF… well, then it is an actual festival. With the hardest part of this important day being the choice of gift, birthday is the time to show your friend how much you truly care.

Since the world is stuck in quarantine and people are following the rules of the new normal, the need for a healthy state of mind and body is more paramount than ever. Choose from these seven thoughtful quarantine birthday gift ideas for a friend in need of some self-love.

  • A Perfect Bath Hamper

Nothing is more refreshing than a good long shower. Pamper your friend with a bath hamper consisting of natural bath oils, a scent diffusor, bath bombs and some aromatic candles for a proper spa-like feeling right at home.

  • For the Love of Stationery

Pouring your heart out on a journal helps to moderate emotions. Give your friend a gift that will help them to spend more time with their thoughts, in an organised manner. Make the gift better with some perky stationery items as well.

  • Let the Colours Flow

Art is a therapy and helps one on levels unknown. Go for a colouring book, some watercolour pens if they’re a novice or canvas, some acrylic and oil colours, paint brushes and palette if they hone the hobby of painting.

  • A Cosy Quarantine Birthday Gift

Since we’ve been locked in our homes, it’s important to feel the joy of dressing up. Gift your friend a cosy pyjama set to help them feel amazing and stylish within their home. Pssst, how ‘bout a virtual pyjama party?

  • Graphic Novels or Comics

The joy of reading is unmatched. It’s a way of meeting yourself and entering a world unseen. Go for some graphic novels or comics that are quite easy and interesting to read and are the best to elate anyone’s spirits.

  • An Organic Gift

You guessed it; we’re talking about plants. But herbs and succulents in specific because they are low-maintenance and come with great health benefits. Get your friend an aloe vera or mint plant (or both) and witness the purest form of love foster.

  • The Gift of Music

This is, hands down, one of the best birthday gifts for a friend. An easy to learn an instrument such as a ukulele or a kalimba will help your friend spend more productive time with themselves while developing a new skill.

So if you’ve been looking for birthday gift ideas for your friend who needs some self-love during this quarantine, here it is.

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