9 Best Spiritual Plants That Will Bring Positive Energy to Your Home

Exploring the Realm of Spiritual Plants

Spiritual plants are those botanical wonders believed to possess mental, physical and emotional healing properties. These plants are cherished for their ability to contribute to overall well-being. In recent years, the trend of incorporating spiritual plants into modern living spaces has gained immense popularity. This practice, deeply rooted in historical and cultural traditions, is believed to bring positive energy, enhance well-being, and create a serene environment. From ancient civilizations to contemporary homes, these plants have been revered for their spiritual significance and aesthetic beauty. Some of the popular indoor spiritual plants include lucky bamboo, aloe vera, money plant, tulsi and calendula.

How Spiritual Plants Help in Day-to-Day Life

Given their wealth of benefits, people have started inculcating spiritual plants into their routine for a healthier and harmonious lifestyle. So, if you have been newly introduced to this concept, here are some graceful ways to utilise spiritual plants –

Meditation Companions

Whether through their fragrances, textures or visual appeal, the calming presence of these plants can elevate your spiritual experience, resulting in a deeper connection with your inner self.

Ritualistic Symbolism

Create sacred spaces adorned with these plants to enhance the spiritual ambience. They are proven to make your rituals more profound and meaningful.

Daily Beauty Appreciation

Build a habit of spending peaceful moments admiring the beauty of your spiritual plants. You will learn to find beauty and solace in the most ordinary things and appreciate the present.

Plants are known to enrich our surroundings and lives with freshness and positivity. Every plant has a unique feature that makes them suitable for specific conditions and places. While some indoor plants have a quality of purifying the air, others might take in negative vibes and exhale positive energy. So, if you’re looking forward to welcoming positivity in your house, then keeping these spiritual plants at home will help. Read further to know more about the nine best spiritual plants that will bring positive energy to your home. 

Jasmine plant

Also considered as the sacred flower of Persia, Jasmine holds great historical significance in India. In Hinduism, it is associated with purity and divine hope. In the Middle East, it symbolises love and beauty, often used in perfumes and teas. Jasmine plant spreads a fragrance that boosts self-esteem, stimulates energy, and strengthens romantic relationships. It is one of the best spiritual plants for bedroom that will help you inhale the fragrance and freshness. Also, Jasmine needs bright, indirect sunlight, moist but not waterlogged soil, and moderate to warm temperatures.

  • Lily

Lily Plant

Lily is a versatile and lucky indoor plant that works on physical ailments, emotional issues and spiritual energies. In Christianity, they are associated with the Virgin Mary and symbolise resurrection. You can keep the lily plant in the bedroom for calmness and to control anger issues. Lily is the best indoor spiritual plant for people who have constant headaches and are dealing with mental health issues. Lily prefers bright, indirect light, moist soil, and cooler night temperatures, ideal for bathrooms or bedrooms. 

  • Ivy

Ivy plant

Ivy symbolises fidelity and eternity in ancient Greek and Roman cultures. It is often used in wedding ceremonies and as a protective charm against negative energies. Besides being beautiful, Ivy is known for its air-filtering quality and for removing unwanted energies and toxins from the surroundings. According to spiritual beliefs, keeping Ivy plants in passages and doorways welcomes home good luck and health. This spiritual plant thrives in moderate to bright light, slightly dry soil, and cooler temperatures, perfect for the living room or office.

  • Money Plant

Money Plant

Money Plant is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune in Feng Shui and Chinese culture. It is believed to attract wealth and positive energy. The fresh green leaves help in attracting the flow of prosperity and good luck in life. If you feel stressed out and anxious quite often, you can keep a money plant on the study table or work desk. This indoor spiritual plant adapts to low light, dry soil, and warm temperatures, suitable for entrances or living rooms. 

  • Basil

Basil plants

Scientifically known as Ocimum Basidium, Basil works on attracting positive energy from the environment. Basil as a spiritual plant holds an important place in Hinduism, where it is often used in religious rituals and worship. It is considered a powerful protector and a symbol of love.  The word ‘Basil’ means royal, and the intense spiritual powers of the Basil plant justifies it all. Basil as a spiritual plant holds an important place in Hinduism, where it is often used in religious rituals and worship. It is considered a powerful protector and a symbol of love. 

  • Orchid

The beauty of orchids is not just good for decoration, but it holds various other benefits too. Orchids release oxygen during the night, and it also helps in balancing the energies around. Additionally, the orchid symbolises beauty, strength, and luxury. In ancient Greece, they were associated with virility, and in China, they represented refinement and fertility.  Orchid plants are one of the best spiritual plants for bedroom, especially during nighttime. Orchid needs bright, indirect light, dry soil, and warm temperatures, enhancing the living room or bedroom.

  • Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo Plant

As the name suggests, Lucky Bamboo brings home good luck, mental balance and improves the love life. It is a popular plant in Feng Shui, symbolising good fortune, health, and prosperity. Being a low-maintenance plant offering various benefits, Lucky Bamboo is one of the most favourite houseplants for spiritual protection. It thrives in indirect light, water-covered roots, and warm, humid conditions, great for offices or living rooms.

  • Lavender

Lavender plant

Lavender fragrance is a popular pick for aromatherapy because of its power to relax the mind and body. Lavender plants eliminate toxins, reduce anxiety and depression, along with managing blood pressure. In ancient Rome, it was used in baths to purify the body and spirit. Lavender needs full sunlight, dry soil, and warm, dry climates, ideal for bedrooms or bathrooms.

  • Sage

Sage Plant

If you’re searching for some magical plants, then Sage is one of them. Sage offers extraordinary spiritual cleansing benefits, like eliminating anger and reducing fear. It stimulates positive energy and brings in several medicinal properties too. Also, Native American cultures use it for spiritual healing. Sage requires full sunlight, dry soil, and warm temperatures, perfect for kitchens or meditation spaces.

Historical and Cultural Significance

Each spiritual plant holds historical and cultural significance across the globe. Jasmine, from Persia, symbolises love and purity in Asian and Middle Eastern ceremonies. The lily, from ancient Minoan art, signifies purity and motherhood in Christianity, and fertility in Greek and Roman mythology. Ivy symbolises fidelity and eternity in Europe and resurrection in Christianity. The Money Plant, from the Solomon Islands, represents prosperity in Feng Shui. Basil, from India, is holy in Hinduism and symbolises love in the Mediterranean. Orchids, cultivated in China and Japan, represent luxury. Lucky Bamboo symbolises good fortune in Chinese traditions. Lavender signifies purity and calmness, while sage symbolises wisdom and immortality.

So, these were some amazing spiritual plants that will bring home positive energy. Plants can add so much to the atmosphere at home. In case you are unable to find these plants at a local nursery, you can always buy these plants in Dubai online at an affordable price.


Be it holistic healing, infusing positive energy or connecting with the roots, the subtle yet transformative influence of these plants is deeply experienced. So, the next time you are thinking of a gift for yourself or your loved ones, get a spiritual plant.

Which plant do you have at your place? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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