Affordable Ways to Say I LOVE YOU on Valentine’s Day!

Is the love-struck cupid hitting an arrow right on your pocket instead of the heart? Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered. 

It’s that time of the year again when everything around resembles red hearts; when bakeries are loaded with cutesy cakes and desserts, and all you can think about is love. Yes, we’re talking about Valentine’s Day. Saying those three magical words to your beloved on Valentine’s Day needs some brainstorming. If you have found a perfect date for Valentine’s Day, then you should start planning on ways to make them feel special. While the expectations are high, considering the bank balance is also important. Don’t let the cupid attack your wallet in the name of romance. Here are some affordable ways to say ‘I Love You’ to your partner romantically on V-Day.

  • Dine-in Style at Home

Dine-in Style at Home

We understand how much you love the elegant setting and fancy dinners at high-end restaurants. But, having a cosy dinner at home does sound like a perfect way to express your love in your style. Set up for a dinner date night in your dining room at home and decorate using flowers and candles. Cook a good meal, just as your beloved likes, and confess your love with a plate full of food.

  • Message Balloons, Not Diamonds!

Message Balloons, Not Diamonds!

Balloons cheer up the ambience and make one feel excited. So, rather than spending on that expensive diamond ring to propose your love, stick to message balloons and make your proposal unique. Decorate a room full of helium balloons. Tie cute pictures and handwritten messages to a ribbon and further tie the ribbon to helium balloons. We are sure that balloon messages will convey your feelings most romantically.

  • DIY Gifts & Long Drives

DIY Gifts & Long Drives

If your relationship is still in the initial stages and full of excitement, then go a little mushy and try making gifts, all by yourself. Be it a simple greeting card, love letter, message bottles, cookies, chocolates, picture collage or your partner’s favourite dish, the receiver will love the efforts. Set up a long drive map and present the gifts on intervals during the drive. Play romantic music for the ambience and enjoy the drive talking and unwinding. Sweet little gestures will help you pamper your love without spending much.

  • Make Your Gifts Exclusive!

Make Your Gifts Exclusive!

We know a huge flower bouquet can do wonders. But, if you’re tight on budget, then buy small but exclusive gifts for your partner. Go for a single rose instead of a bouquet along with personalised chocolates and a greeting card. Make your presents exclusive to your partner by adding a note – these gifts are unique, just like you. Use your words and feelings to describe how much your partner means to you. We are sure that this trick will help you say ‘I LOVE YOU’ right on your budget.

  • Say it out LOUD, honestly!

Say it out LOUD, honestly

Communication and gestures go a long way in expressing feelings. And there’s nothing more special than your partner telling you ‘how much they love you’ all by themselves. So, convey your feelings in style by confessing your love through a cute little Valentine’s speech for your partner. Prepare a heartwarming speech and say it out loud proudly. Add a rose to the activity and recall all the good times you’ve spent embracing each other.

So, these were some romantic and affordable ways to make your Valentine’s Day special and say ‘I LOVE YOU’ to your partner. You can find the best Valentine’s Day gifts right on your budget online on Ferns N Petals. Select your price range and choose from a wide variety of options available on the website.

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