A Beginner Guide to Cleaning Artificial Flowers

Raise your hand if you don’t want your flowers to wilt ever and want their vibrant colours and delicate petals to remain untouched for a longer period. Enter artificial flowers! These lifelike creations offer a timeless beauty that lasts. However, to keep them looking fresh and enchanting, a little TLC is required. In this guide, we unveil easy tips and tricks on how to care for Artificial Flowers. Take a good look!

Know Your Faux Blooms

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Before we jump into cleaning, it’s important to understand the materials used in your artificial flowers. These forever blooms are prepared using different materials such as silk, polyester, plastic or even latex. Do note that each material requires a different cleaning approach. So, before moving any step further, examine your blooms closely to understand their composition. This information will be your guiding star in the cleaning process.

Gather Your Tools

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Thinking about what’s the easiest way to clean artificial flowers? Prepare a cleaning kit comprising soft brushes, a microfiber cloth, a can of compressed air, and a gentle cleaning solution. Avoid common pruning mistakes as well as the usage of harsh chemicals as they will ruin the delicate fabric or colour of your artificial blooms.

Dusting Off the Elegance

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Begin the cleaning process by gently dusting your artificial flowers. Use a soft brush or a can of compressed air to remove loose dust and debris. Pay extra attention to the nooks and crannies, as dust tends to hide in these intricate places.

Bath them of Refreshment

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If your artificial flowers are made up of silk or fabric, a mild cleaning solution mixed with water can work wonders. Simply, dip a microfiber cloth into the solution and wipe the petals and leaves gently. Avoid soaking the flowers, as excess moisture can cause the colours to run or the petals to lose their shape.

Plastic Fantastic

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Plastic or latex flowers can use a bit more moisture. Dissolve them in a basin of warm, soapy water. Next, use a gentle touch to get rid of any grime or stains. Lastly, rinse thoroughly and allow them to air dry.

Bring Petals to Perfection

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To revive flattened or crumpled petals, simply steam them. Hold your artificial flowers over a pot of boiling water, letting the steam touch the petals. However, be mindful not to get too close to the steam, as it can cause severe damage. Once steaming is done, reshape the petals with your fingers and let them cool.

The Art of Arrangement

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While cleaning the flowers, sometimes people (though unintentionally) tend to deform their arrangement. Furthermore, dust and grime can accumulate on the vase pot or any other container. So, remember to give them a good wipe-down with a damp cloth to ensure your entire floral arrangement looks fresh and inviting.

In the world of artificial flowers, a little cleaning goes a long way. So, roll up your sleeves, unleash your inner plant parent instincts and care for your blooms so that they continue to brighten your space for years. Happy cleaning, fellow flower enthusiasts!

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