Best Eco-Friendly Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

eco-friendly corporate gifts

Planning to surprise your employees and clients with gifts on a special occasion? Can’t think of the ideal gift despite extensive brainstorming? Don’t fret; we got your back. With the best corporate gift ideas express your best wishes and make a statement that inspires others. How do you ask?

With eco-friendly gifts go the extra mile for a healthier planet and let your fellow professionals feel appreciated. Eco-friendly gifts wouldn’t just be the best bet but also inspire a responsible character and green thinking in people around you. Here are our best picks for eco-friendly corporate gifts.

Potted Plants

This might be the safest option out there when it comes to eco-friendly corporate gifting. Get your employees’ indoor plants, most preferably succulents that can be kept on their desks or in the comfort of their living room. Not just sensitive to the environment, succulents will also help promote a positive and productive aura.

Recycled Gifts

No, we aren’t talking about forwarding gifts. We’re suggesting you choose recycled plastic gifts for employees. There are various articles made with recycled plastic that make an ideal fit for an eco-friendly gift. You can go for chic lunch boxes, thermal bottles or even diaries and notepads made with recycled paper.

Wooden Solar Lamp

Brighten the lives of your employees with a special lamp designed to be friends with our green approach. Eliminate the plastic and go for wooden base lamps with bulbs that can run on the charge of solar energy. This won’t just look absolutely elegant but would also speak volumes of your environment-sensitive gifting drive.

Eco-Friendly Laptop Bags

Laptops are most used electronic commodity in the corporate world and where there is a laptop, there is a laptop bag. Gift your employees or clients eco-friendly laptop bags made with materials such as khadi, pure cotton, jute, etc. and help in reducing the carbon imprint.

Gift a Garden

Planners, diaries, calendars and other stationery items are common corporate gifts, add a twist to the mundane and gift stationery items infused with seeds of wildflower or herbs and help your employees inculcate the hobby of gardening. You can use this idea in your business cards as well for a much consistent application.

Apart from personal gifts, employ green thinking at a large scale with plant charities or donations to environmental causes. With these eco-friendly gift ideas, help in creating a conscious drive of green thinking for a cleaner, greener and better planet.

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