7 Marvel-Inspired Cakes That Will Make Any Fan Crazy

marvel cakes

If your heart beats faster whenever you hear the notes of Marvel Intro, you’re among family. We understand that for Avengers fans nothing means more than the joy of watching their favourite superheroes zoom past the silver screen.

For all such fans, we bring seven marvel-inspired cakes that are sure to add some sparkle to all your occasions.

  1. An Ode to the First Avenger

Avengers… assemble! It’s time to celebrate our very own Steve Rogers AKA Captain America with a blue and red fondant or icing cake decorated with stars and stripes depicting America’s flag. Make sure to add the Mjolnir for a pleasant surprise.

  1. A Heart of Iron

iron man cake

Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist; that and a big man in a suit of armour is all that Iron Man is about. A favourite of all, Iron man cakes dedicated to RDJ’s iconic character are sure to evoke many emotions and instantly grab some eyes.

  1. A Godly Recipe

We are all smitten by Thor’s infectious smile, hopeful eyes and a witty sense of humour. Have a special fondant Marvel cake of Thor, or Mjolnir or even Storm-breaker to witness the happiness run waves on a true marvel fan’s face.

  1. Smash it up

An incredible fusion of brain and brawn, Hulk is the big guy that can smash everything literally. The figurine of Hulk’s fist or his big green muscles on your cake is the secret recipe that will rock the party of any Marvel fan.

  1. Right at the Aim

Underrated but highly vital to the team, Hawkeye or Clint Barton’s iconic bow and arrow make perfect for a cake due to their easy-to-execute design and witty appeal. The guy didn’t get a standalone movie, give him a cake at least.

  1. A Red Velvet for Scarlett

When Scarlett Johansson portrayed Black Widow, guys all over the world held their breaths, and girls found a role model. A red velvet cake with black current icing will depict the character perfectly and make any marvel fan go crazy.

  1. Your Friendly Neighbourhood Recipe

spiderman cake

Kids absolutely adore the amazing Spiderman. Though many actors portrayed him, the character maintained its charisma. Have yourself designed red fondant Spiderman cake for kids (or black, if Venom’s your guy) and up the ante of the party.

For the ultimate surprise to any fan, combine all the characters in one epic avengers cake and tell any Marvel fan that you love them 3000

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