Creative Ways to Celebrate Grandparent’s Day

Grand Parents Day Celebration

Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day. This year, it will be observed on 13th September in the UAE. Grandparents and grandkids share an affectionate relationship. The caring nature, amazing stories and valuable life lessons taught by grandparents help in the overall development of kids. It is the best time to honour your grandparents with thoughtful gifts and activities and thank them for years of selfless love.

  • Spend time with them

spend time with grand parents

Spend more time with your grandparents. Plan a sleepover. Schedule a lunch or dinner together followed by some baking. Talk to them about what’s happening in your life. Go through the old family album and relive memories.

  • Plan a surprise Party

grand parents day party

Well, it’s their day, and you should leave no chance to pamper them. Plan a surprise party. Invite all the family members and their close friends. Pick a theme to make the party even more exciting. Decide the food menu and entertainment activities. It will surely leave them teary-eyed.

  • Gift something special

Grand Parents Day Gifts

We bet picking gifts for Grandparent’s Day is never easy. After all, you want the best that surprise and delight them. A bouquet of farm-fresh flowers, a personalised photo frame, a box of chocolates, or handmade card are some thoughtful Grandparent’s Day gifts ideas in Dubai to share your love for them.

  • Celebrate with a cake

grand parents day with cake

Add fun and flavour to the celebration with a lip-smacking cake. Pick the flavour that your grandparents like the most. Savouring every bite in your company will let them create everlasting memories.

  • Learn about their hobby

Grand parents hobby

Whether it’s baking, playing the piano, or gardening, you can learn a lot from your grandparents. Spend an evening with them learning about their hobbies and participating in them. You might even discover a new interest.

  • Make a photo book

grand parents photo book

Gather up your grandparents’ favourite photographs of their time together and with other family members, and put them in a keepsake photo book. It is a thoughtful gift for Grandparent’s Day that you can also consider giving it to them on Christmas or New Year.

  • It’s a date

family dinner date

Imagine going on a date with two of your favourite people. It will be full of food, fun and fantastic memories. You can go to the park where your grandparents used to take you while growing up. Or, you can make reservations at their favourite restaurant for a fun-filled date.

Whatever you decide to do on Grandparent’s Day, do it with love and make it special for them.

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