10 Tips for planning a surprise anniversary party for your parents

A wedding anniversary is a big event that celebrates love and commitment between two people. Planning a surprise anniversary party is a great way to thank your parents for their unconditional affection and support in your life. Take matters in your own hands and give them a day of pampering they would enjoy.

Here are a few tips for planning a fantastic surprise anniversary party for your parents.

Step 1- Keep it secret

The surprise party should remain a surprise until the end. Make sure all the people planning the party understand the importance of keeping it under the wraps. Send invitations at the last moment to diminish the chances of getting the surprise ruined.

Step 2- Determine your budget

Make a list of requirements for the party and allocate a certain amount of money to each. By setting a budget, you are less likely to go overboard with expenditures.

Step 3- Make a list of guests

It depends on how large you want the party to be. Whether your parents would want an intimate get together with close friends or family, or would they prefer a large gathering to celebrate the big day. Make the guests list accordingly.

Step 4- Pick a venue

You can either hire a venue or plan a surprise party in the backyard if it is large enough for a gathering. Choosing to hold the party at your parent’s home is a great idea. After the celebrations are over, they’ll have a lot of memories to hold on.

Step 5- Decide on a menu

If you are planning to throw a big party and invite a lot of guests, it is best to rent a catering service. Decide on a menu. There should be snacks, desserts, a three-course meal, and drinks. To celebrate the D-day with yummy treats, choose a reliable flavour for the ‘happy anniversary cake’. You can bake a cake of your parent’s favourite flavour.

Step 6- Send out invitations

Once the venue and menu are decided, it’s time to send out invites. You can send e-invites. Include the date & venue of the party in the invite. The type of meal that will be served. Also include the theme of the party. And don’t forget to mention that it’s a surprise, so everyone has to be hush-hush about it.

Step 7- Plan the entertainment

Decide the type of music that suits the theme of the party. Create a playlist. Plan some fun games as well to entertain the guests. You can also create a presentation to honour the couple on accomplishing such a big milestone.

Step 8- Buy decorations

Buy essentials decoration items like balloons, party confetti, centerpieces, candles, and flowers. You can also purchase low-priced glasses and plates to serve food and drinks. The disposable food plates & glasses are eco-friendly and save you from the labour of cleaning them afterwards.

Step 9- Don’t forget gifts

Don’t forget to buy gifts for your parents, because what’s a surprise party without surprise gifts. Whether you are in search of 25th-anniversary gift ideas for parents or impressive 50th wedding anniversary ideas for parents- everything is available online. All you have to do is go to our website & choose the best wedding anniversary gifts for parents according to your budget & preference.

Step 10- Execution

Proper planning leads to excellent execution. Make sure everything is well planned. You can delegate jobs to your siblings or relatives to make sure important things are taken care of. Shortlist prospective anniversary gift ideas to choose the best gift for your parents. Give all the love and attention to your parents. Make them feel special on their big day.

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