Creative Ways to Decorate Home & Office With Plants

Decorating home is an art. You need to choose the right colors and decorative items that match the style of the interiors. From colors and artwork to elegant décor accessories, everything enhances the look and feel of home in a creative way.

Plants are one of the best ways to decorate your abode and stay close to nature. The simple and refreshing plants for home can instantly change the atmosphere of your house/office and fill it with calm and peaceful vibes. Here are some creative ways in which you can decorate your home and office with indoor plants.

Keep them in Cool & Unique Planters

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The fresh and bright indoor plants in unique planters will create an awesome center of attention for your interior. Available in different shapes, sizes and colors, the creative and quirky planters are best to add a special touch to spruce up your home/office. Ranging from geometric mini desk planters and animal planters to boat-shaped planters and wall hanging planters, there are different types of planters that are visually appealing and make plant care so much easier. They can be kept on the coffee table, bedside table, study room, work desk, and balcony to cheer up your interior space.

Create a Vertical Garden

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A perfect option for those who don’t have a lot of horizontal space in the home. There are different options to set up a vertical garden like a container-style garden in which potted plants are attached to a wall or displayed in rows. A freestanding vertical garden is also a great idea. You can build a small raised bed and then put in the vertical angled support in which you can grow plants. Another great option is- a pocket garden. In this type of vertical garden, the plants are tucked into pockets made from canvas. The right spot for a vertical garden can be the wall that receives a good amount of sunlight.

Add Hanging Plants

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The air plants are best to keep anywhere as they don’t need soil to survive. You can hang them in glass terrariums with large holes for circulation in a spot with plenty of bright light. The air plants will look even cooler in geometric prisms hanging in your living space or balcony. You can also hang them in macramé planters near the window in the bedroom or kitchen. The terrariums can also be hanged off the side of a bookcase or cabinet and you don’t even have to put a hole in the ceiling.

Fill Empty Spaces with Plants

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If there is a tricky empty space between furniture, then you can put a tall plant to fill it up. Large plants in pretty, colorful containers are best to add something in front of a blank wall. You can also tie your plant to a wooden base and mount it on the wall- another effective way to fill up empty spaces. If there is a vacant area or corner in your house, then you can add different layers of plants to turn it into a plant corner. The plants incorporated at different levels like large pots on the floor, small potted plants on a shelf, long draping plants, etc. will give a gorgeous look to your empty space.

Use Plants as Table Centerpieces

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The small potted plants will look beautiful as a focal point on your furniture. You can keep them on the coffee table or dining table as an item of decoration. Keeping plants on your work desk is a great way to introduce greenery to the workplace, which will be pleasant to the eyes and make work more fun and interesting.

Introducing these ideas will compliment your home and office décor and fill it with fresh and calm vibes.

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