Evergreen Ramadan Gifts for Family Members

Ramadan is the holy month of fasting when people abstain from all the wrongdoings that hamper their spiritual connection with the almighty. During the entire month, people engage in prayers, charity and restrict from drinking, smoking and engaging in intimate acts. The purpose of fasting is the submission to God, who is the creator of this world and become more patient, tolerate and sympathetic towards others. It is also the time of giving when people wish their friends and family with unique and thoughtful gifts.

So here are few evergreen gift ideas that you can consider buying for your family members during this Ramadan.

Quran Sharif for Father

Quran is the holy book of Islam religion, which is believed to be a revelation from God. Gifting Quran during Ramadan is considered very sacred as it is the symbol of imparting teachings of Prophet Mohammad to the recipient. It will make an excellent gift for the elder member of the family who is quite religious and spiritual. Gifting Quran Sharif to your father on Ramadan will delight his heart and let you reserve a special place for yourself in it. To make the gift more special and memorable for your dad, you can get the Quran written for him with golden ink and with a handmade cover.

Flower Bouquet for Mother

Flowers have the magical power to express the feelings of our heart in the most subtle manner. A mother is a person whom we owe everything in life and no matter what we do, our efforts will never be enough to express gratitude for all the pain, struggle, and the hardships she went through to make our life no less than a heaven. On this Ramadan, appreciate the efforts of your mom with a bouquet of fresh roses to bring a sweet smile on her face and add positivity to her life. Because there is hardly any gift in the world that can express your love for her in the truest manner other than the beautiful and elegant blooms.

Allah Pendant for Wife

Yes, women love to receive jewelry as a gift from their husbands. Not because they make them look beautiful and feel good, but they are the eternal symbol of love of the most important men in their lives. There cannot be anything more beautiful than an Allah pendant as a Ramadan gift for your gorgeous wife. Wearing that pendant will always keep God close to her heart and give her the strength to overcome the obstacles of life.

Bedouin Shoes for Husband

Yes, it can be quite tricky at times to search gifts for men. But if you are familiar with the likes and dislikes of your partner, then the gift hunting task becomes easier. How about traditional and stylish Bedouin shoes for your dapper husband? These Arabian-styled shoes will certainly make him glad and he would love to team them up with his elegant outfits during festivals and other special celebrations.

Food Hamper for Kids

The arrival of festivals brings the joy of guzzling sweets and desserts for the kids. Nothing delights their heart more than the yummy snacks and scrumptious chocolates in the entire world. So now you know how to make your kids happy and excited during Ramadan, right? Surprise them with food hampers filled with candies, chocolates, brownies, crispy chips and marshmallows to bring that million dollar smile on their face. We guarantee it will be the best Ramadan celebration of their life.

Ramadan is the time to open your hearts and spread happiness everywhere. Enjoy this festival with your friends and family and express gratitude towards God for blessing you with a happy and healthy life.

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