Have You Tried these Cakes Yet?

We all know that most special occasions in life are incomplete without the right cakes. Right from birthdays to anniversaries, cakes play a special part in adding more warmth, fun and merriment to the proceedings. After all, who can resist a yummy and attractively designed cake on any special occasion? If you are living in Bur-Dubai, Al-Barsha-Dubai or Jabel-Ali-Dubai, you can expect to get delivery services for some of the yummiest cakes that you can think of. Residents of other areas like Internet City and Marina in Dubai can also take their pick from several tantalizing cakes that are sure to stimulate your taste buds like never before!

When it comes to trying the best cakes for special occasions, you should definitely check out these options:

  • Designer Cakes– If you want to go glam on a birthday, these are the cakes that you should pick! Designer Cakes come in a wide variety of themes that you can pick including Bob the Minion, Ariel of Disney and Scarlets Hat to name only a few of the options at your disposal. These cakes come in rich colors and the designs are to die for! There are a variety of colors, flavors and patterns that you can pick from! Designer cakes are works of art for sure! These cakes look so good that you will want to keep them intact for as long as possible!
  • Photo Cakes– These are the wackiest cakes that you can come across and is a must-try for any special occasion. Surprise the special person with a photo cake and choose one of the best images that you have of him/her. You can even have group photographs imprinted onto the photo cake. These cakes can be neatly customized and you can choose from several flavors as well. This is a fun way to enliven proceedings for sure!
  • Christmas Cakes– Ever thought of celebrating Christmas with an attractively designed cake? There are several options that you can pick from that have cute Santa themes along with snowy design patterns and even tiny Christmas trees! These cakes will add a whole new dimension to your festivities this Christmas!
  • Heart Shaped Cakes– Want to convey your love and emotions to your beloved? You can opt for the cutest and most adorable heart-shaped cakes online. They come in several colors and the design itself is hard to resist!
  • Cheesecakes– When you’re celebrating a special feat, you can opt for cheesecakes in a wide range of avatars, right from baked cheesecakes and fruit tarts to strawberry and blueberry cheesecakes. The raspberry and chocolate cheesecakes are also pretty delicious!
  • Black Forest Cakes– Black Forest cakes are tantalizing for the taste buds and look equally attractive too! Think sinful indulgence and Black Forest comes to mind! These cakes are a must when it comes to going all out for a huge celebration!

If you haven’t tried these cakes yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!

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