How Can Flowers Help in Easing Out Stress?

Stress is the root cause of all kind of ailments in our life and that needs to be checked right away. A stress free mind means a healthy body and a longer life. It is really hard to cut away from stress because we all are competing with each other to achieve fame, success, and growth. You want it or not – stress comes out from all corners of personal and professional life and takes a toll on our peace. But studies have revealed that using flowers, you can win over this stress. Here are a few flowers that you must bring in your everyday life to lead a stress-free life.

Jasmine: The beautiful looking flower carries an enticing aroma and that helps people to recover from stress. While you are having a disturbed mood, look into these flowers – collect a handful of them – close your eyes – smell with all your heart – and continue that for 2 minutes to see a change in your mood. You would calm down for sure. You may infuse some jasmine oil in your bathing water or spread some jasmine petals in your bath tub for some time before dipping into it. You may also sip some jasmine tea which has been proven to work wonders in relieving stress.

Zinnia: Zinnia is another flower that helps in maintaining a stress free mind and body. When you smell the pretty zinnia flowers, it affects the nervous system that helps in breathing slowly and deeply and that further helps in regulating a stress-free mind and body.

Lavender: You must have seen the use of lavender flower extract in talcum powders and shower gels. The wonderful aromatic flowers relaxes the mind in a beautiful way. The aroma works well because it is not a harsh one and thus works slowly in every layer of your body. Lavender plant can be brought in your home and kept in the balcony or near bedroom window. You may also use lavender oil in your bath water. Due to stress many people face sleep related disorders and to avoid that you just need to sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on your bed sheet and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Rose: This is perhaps the most famous flower of the world which is used extensively in making of perfumes, talcum powders, and soaps. Well, other than that you also have candles and oils made out of this rose flower. The aroma of a rose flower relaxes the mind and makes you feel free. When you had a bad day at work and stress came along with you to your home, just sit near the rose plant and smell it. You may drink some rose herbal tea and see the stress getting vanished.

Bluebells: The bell shaped flowers looks quite interesting and is available in purple, blue, white, and pink colors. The prime benefit that one gets from this flower is sleep induction. More stress equals to more sleepless night and that equals to a lot more stress and then diseases. Some scholar said at some point of time that a good laugh and a good sleep is the resolution to all problems in life. Bringing bluebells flower would enhance the production of melatonin which is a chemical produced in brain that promotes relaxation and a great sleep.

The word stress is very disturbing to hear and utter. But who knew you have such simple solutions to it. So, when you need to gift something special, go for these aforementioned flowers as flowers can be the perfect gifts for all occasions.

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