How to Choose Flowers According to the Birthday Month?

How to Choose Flowers According to the Birthday Month?

The world of flowers is vast and beautiful. And amidst the thousand valleys and millions of blooms, you can still call one yours by your birth month. Yes, every month has a dedicated flower. Read further and know yours!

January Carnations


Beautiful carnations represent a fascinating aura, loyalty and love, much similar to the personality of a January-born. The colourful variety of carnations is what matches a January baby.

The Violet February


Many of you might think that the season of Valentine’s makes rose the February flower but that’s not true. Violet, a vividly coloured bloom, symbolises humility, faithfulness, and modesty, just like every February person.

Daffodils for March


The sunny and warm temperature of March is often known as the season of birth and joy. And thus, bright-yellow daffodils represent the hopeful nature of every March person.

Daisy’s April


Known as the symbol of purity and innocence, Daisy is a beautiful flower that closes at night and wakes up even brighter. You’ll often find April babies as fresh as a daisy.

Lilies of the May


For the ones born in May, consider yourself a lily person, full of elegance and sweetness. The bell-shaped flowers represent purity and motherhood.

The June Rose


Proud June babies are associated with roses, one of the most loved flowers. It is a classic epitome of love and passion and perfect for surprising any June born. You can also choose honeysuckle to go beyond the traditional June flower.

Larkspur for July


Larkspur is a gorgeous cone-shaped flower. It is a perfect symbol for open heart, laughter, and extreme attachment, just like a July born. It has a wild yet elegant appearance.

Gladiolus August


Often associated with values like sincerity, moral integrity, and faithfulness, Gladiolus is a late-summer birthday flower for August people. It also represents strength and a strong mind that makes it a favourable August flower.

September with Asters


September babies are full of wisdom, royalty, valour, and core faith, just like an Aster. The official September flower, Aster, is a star-shaped bloom with a vibrant aura. It blooms all year round and complements the readiness of a September person.

October’s Marigold


The large-headed bright coloured flower with many petals, Marigold resembles the creative head of an October born with many passions. Marigolds have an instantly recognisable impression on people, just like every October baby.

Mum’s November


Popularly known as Mums, Chrysanthemums is a perfect flower to show joy, happiness and friendship. November people are often surrounded by a group of people like the endless loop of petals in the mums. They’re busy influencing them all the time.

December Duo – Holly and Narcissus


The symbol of the season, Holly, is the official flower for December. It has shiny green leaves and cute red berries that represent good fortune and fertility. Narcissus represents confidence and ambition, perfectly aligned with the characteristics of a December born.

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