How to Express Love in a Long Distance Relationship & Keep the Spark Alive?

Long-distance never works!

They will forget about you.

Absence and distance will make you go crazy.

It’s not going to last.

How many of you have been coping up with such unsolicited advice? Almost everyone, right? It’s a common myth that long-distance relationships seldom work. People advise you to break it off, or you will get heartbroken. Many times you are forced apart from the person you love, and it feels AWFUL. But nobody said it was easy. Just because you aren’t physically together doesn’t mean your relationship has to suffer.

Moreover, your fear of abandonment shouldn’t cause hindrance to the dreams and career of your partner. After all, true love always finds its way back. While it’s normal for relationships to lose their spark, you can always rekindle the romance in your relationship. Here are some tips to express love in a long distance relationship.

Video Call Daily

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Lack of communication is the biggest barrier in a long-distance relationship and a huge turnoff. But given the tech-driven world, you can now video call your partner at any hour of the day. After all, hearing each other’s voices and looking into each other’s eyes is much better than those ‘How was your day?’ or ‘How’ve you been?’ texts.

Sweet Long Messages that will Melt their Heart

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There’s nothing sweeter and pleasant than receiving a long, loving message from your partner. You can’t help but gush over it. So let your creative juices flow and frame a thoughtful text to let them know they are always in your thoughts. You can also send an audio note to voice your love.

Surprise with a Thoughtful Package

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The best gifts are those that are received regardless of any occasion. Surprise your partner with a spontaneous gift package that will leave them smiling from ear to ear. You can make a customised package having a bouquet of their favourite flowers, books, a hand-made romantic scrapbook, fancy watches, customised picture cakes, a personalised chocolate box or capsule letters message in a bottle for that daily dose of love.

Or you can give a surprise visit to make them jump with joy. Spend the day cooking their favourite food for a romantic candlelight dinner. In short, do whatever you both like to do to make memories.

Netflix Even Miles Apart

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Just because you both are miles apart, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy shows and movies together. Pick a movie/show you both love and watch it together online on Netflix while video chatting to feel each others’ presence.

Have a Virtual Date Night

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Given the digital age, you can enjoy a date online. Schedule as many virtual dates as possible. Dress up as you would if you were together in person, cook the same meal, light up a few candles and turn on some soft music to set the mood and feel more present with your partner. It is counted among the best ways to maintain a healthy relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Be Honest & Straightforward

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If you are struggling with the distance, communicate it clearly to your partner. Don’t keep mum and try to find a way out. You both can even take leave for a few days to spend quality time with each other. That will surely help you come over that gloomy feeling.

Are you in a long-distance relationship? What other tips are you two following to keep the spark alive? Share with us in the comment section below.

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