How to Store Cakes and Keep Them Fresh?

How to Store Cakes and Keep Them Fresh?

If you think baking a cake or just ordering one from a cake shop in Dubai will end your hassle, then you’re probably wrong about this. Preserving a cake is an equally important part of ordering one. While you soulfully enjoy savouring a cake on different occasions, the leftover needs to be stored properly to keep it fresh for later. 

Preserving a cake can be divided into two categories based on consumption time. You can preserve your cake for both short and long periods based on usage and consumption. Read below to know more about how to store your cake based on the time and keeping it fresh.

Refrigerate the Cake for a Short Span

All of us refrigerate food for preservation over a shorter period. But, when it comes to cake, you’ve got to take care of certain things so that it does not become dry and stale. 

  • Refrigerating a cake will keep it fresh for 2 to 3 days only.
  • Keep a bowl upturned on the cake if you wish to keep it fresh for a stretch of hours only. You can also use a cake keeper to store it in your refrigerator
  • Wrap the dry cake in plastic to avoid losing its softness. If you do not wrap the cake in the plastic sheet, it will lose its moisture to other food items in your fridge.
  • Make sure you seal the cake properly with the plastic wrap. Do not use it around the plate or cake carrier. 

Freeze the Cake for a Longer Preservation

Longer preservation implies keeping a cake fresh for more than a week. You can save your cake from getting stale by freezing it in your refrigerator. But remember these things before you do so. 

  • It is highly recommended to not freeze a cake with icing. Frosting spoils the texture of the cake, making it wet if preserved for a long time. Change in taste of the cake will be another concern when frozen with creams. Either freeze a dry cake or remove the frosting before chilling.  
  • Wrap the cake with a double layer of plastic and further with a piece of foil to avoid a freezer burn. Excessively cold temperature can damage the cake, hence it is advised to seal the cake as properly as possible. 
  • When you wish to consume the cake, take it out from the freezer. Keep it in the refrigerator to thaw it overnight. As soon as the cake is exposed to room temperature, it will retain moisture and will be fresh and yummy. With this, your cake can stay fresh for as long as a month.

Now that you know how to store a cake precisely and keep it fresh, you won’t have to worry about preserving it. If you have some other tips to store cakes, then feel free to leave a comment below. 

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