5 Reasons Why Daughters Adore Their Dads?

5 Reasons Why Daughters Adore Their Dads

Everything is good with the world when she nestles her head on my chest. She would wrap her tiny fingers around my thumb, gazing with her glittery eyes. Even now, she would hold my hand with her relatively big hands and gaze into my eyes. She has grown up in age, but she’ll always be my little girl. 

By now, you must have recalled every tiny detail about the little princess in your life. The relationship of a father and daughter has unexplainable love and a lot more than secrets. It is a bond that builds up a girl’s journey to adulthood. Daughters adore their dads, and no matter how strict a father might be, he becomes all mushy around her daughter. From chipping in for extra shopping to giving strength to her, daughters are thankful to their dads and admire them for many things in life.

We have listed down 5 reasons why daughters adore their dads. Read to see if it’s the same for you. 

Dads set a real benchmark

From when she was a toddler to now, your daughter has always admired you like the bench setter for various things in life, especially when it comes to relationships. Her outlook towards relationships with the opposite gender is based on the kind of relationship you share with her and her mother. She compares every man wowing her with your personality, making you a benchmark for life. 

Dads are a source of confidence for daughters

Fathers who love, support and praise their daughters eventually instil a sense of assurance and confidence in her with his behaviour. You treat her equally and listen to her carefully, boosting her self-esteem for making future decisions and becoming a successful adult. 

Fathers encourage a go-getter behaviour in girls

You have always been on your toes to give her everything in life. And it has ultimately inspired her to take up the go-getter behaviour for problems in life. She can deal with all her problems, mentally and physically. She is not afraid to start over again anytime and figure things out herself. 

Fathers make daughters feel protected

Remember the time when you bubble wrapped all the pointed things in the house just to let her play freely? You’ve been protecting her since day one. Be it investigating her friends or interrogating her boyfriend, you’ve walked behind her like a shadow, always. 

Dads are always there

You’ve made her believe and proved that no matter what happens in her life, you’re always there to pick her up and be there for her. From failures to heartbreaks, you have always been there to handle it all in a super cool way.  You give her complete freedom but watch over, well that’s something magical.

So, we’re sure you can relate to all these dad and daughter duo things. While Father’s Day is around, make sure you and your daughter celebrate it in the best way.

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