How to Wish a Belated Happy Birthday

Wishing someone a happy birthday is always hard to do when the day has already passed. It can be pretty awkward and difficult to know how to say ‘happy belated birthday’ or what kind of gift to send to compensate. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! You can still find a way to show the celebrant how much they mean to you! In this blog post, we’ll discuss different ways how you can make up for being late on your big day and send belated happy birthday wishes.

Apologise Sincerely

Apologise sincerely

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Well, it’s not anything that you don’t know but the very first thing you need to do is convey your sincere apology to the celebrant. You can either send a descriptive text or make a call while extending your belated happy birthday wishes. After all, a phone call has been proven to fix everything. You can even make a video call to show how apologetic you are. Works like a charm!

Send Belated Birthday Greeting Card

Belated Birthday Greeting Card

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If you are feeling a lot guilty about missing your dear one’s birthday, you can make amends by sending a belated birthday greeting card. You can go for the one that is quirky yet sentimental to ease the process or buy a greeting card and hand address it. Make it elaborative by mentioning how you two met, how far you’ve come and how blessed you feel to have them in your life.

Send Gifts

Send gifts

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A sure-fire successful way to convey belated happy birthday wishes is to drop everything and send a birthday gift. This one thing will make up for everything. The key here is to order the readily available gifts, i.e. a thoughtful gift that can be delivered on the very day. Given the boom in the e-commerce industry, there are various online platforms that offer impeccable birthday gift delivery in the UAE. So, pull up your socks and go big when it comes to delivering late happy birthday wishes.

Send a Gift Card

Send a gift card

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Among all the hustle-bustle, if you are unable to figure out what to give at the last moment and are also running short of time, go for a gift card. It’s easily available, doesn’t require you to go anywhere and is very thoughtful for it gives the recipient the liberty to buy whatever they want. Thus, gift him or her a gift card of their favourite brand that carries a decent amount and watch them forget everything and give you a tight hug.

Put Up a Social Media Post

Put up a social media post

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This belated happy birthday wish idea is a no-brainer. Post a story expressing your sincere apologies and wish a belated happy birthday to your buddy.

Gift Something Handmade

Gift something handmade

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How do you wish belated happy birthday? Well, make up for their forgotten birthday by not just saying but instead, showing. Win their heart by crafting a personalised video message, baking them a birthday cake, taking them out to do something they like or preparing a photo collage. The gesture will make them shed happy tears. This will indeed make a heart-touching birthday gift idea that is better than expensive presents.

Surprise them With a Visit if you can

Surprise them with a visit

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The ultimate way to win their heart is by sending belated happy wishes to friend as well as giving them a surprise visit. The gesture will forge an unforgettable memory in their heart and is guaranteed to bring a wide smile to their face.

Well, it’s rightly said that it’s never too late to make amends. So, if you have missed out on a dear one’s birthday, convey your wishes the right way with these tips and tricks and undo any damage it might have caused.

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