Beginner-Friendly Cake Decoration Tools

There is a popular saying that goes, ‘An Artist Is Only As Good As His Tools.’ And a baker is no different! Just like having the right amount of ingredients is essential to baking a delicious cake, the right tools will ensure you have the picture-perfect cake. Even if you are a novice baker, it is important you begin with the right cake decoration tools. So, before you overstock your shelves with random tools, get your hands on these beginner-friendly cake decoration tools that will guide you on your journey to decorating beautiful cakes.

Piping Bags

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You must be well aware of those fancy finishes over cakes. It’s all possible because of the piping bags! When used with different piping tips or nozzles, piping bags are well-utilised, especially for customized cakes and decorating them as per the liking. Just fill the bag with the buttercream of your choice and give the ultimate finish to your cake. Do note that though they are easy to manoeuvre, they require practice.

Piping Nozzles

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The next one on our list of beginner-friendly cake decoration tools is the piping nozzles. They are basically the metallic fixtures that are firmly placed on the end of the piping bags. There is a variety of nozzles available in different sizes, shapes and designs that let you pipe beautifully finished designs on your multi-tier cakes, cupcakes and even photo cakes. It is recommended to go for the stainless steel nozzles rather than the plastic ones.

Offset Spatulas

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When baking a cake, you do need good offset spatulas. They are basically the MVPs of the kitchen. There are two types of offset spatulas, i.e. large and small. The larger ones are perfect for adding even amounts of frosting on top of each cake layer. On the other hand, the smaller ones give the exterior of your cake smooth finishes and beautiful swirls.

Cake Leveller

Cake Decoration Tool - Leveler

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Hands-down the best cake decoration tool to bake the perfect multi-layered cakes! While baking a cake, especially in the beginning stage, it usually turns out to be uneven and sloppy. Enter the cake leveller that would give your celebratory treat a professional look. All you need to do is to lightly support the cake top with one hand and move the leveller through the cake using the other one. This will ensure a pristine look while giving a well-structured finish to your cake just like you see at a cake shop.

Cake Turntable

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A cake turntable has been one of the biggest game changers when it comes to decorating cakes. It’s a convenient table that turns 360° and has a non-slip base to keep your cake in place as you decorate it. Whether you want to ice, decorate or serve your cakes, this multipurpose cake turntable is just perfect.

Cake Scrapper

Cake Decoration Tool - Scrapper

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A must-have cake decoration tool! It is the ultimate tool that is used to smoothen and even the sides of a cake. This mainstay tool scraps off all the extra icing from the cake and helps comfortably achieve clean and straight edges, leaving no bumps. The tool is quite easy to use and would even last a lifetime.

Cake Smoother

Cake Decoration Tool - Smoother

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A cake smoother is among an invaluable cake decoration tools that gives an awesome and fantastic finish to your cake. As the name suggests, it will smoothen out your cake from top to bottom. It comes with a flat base and a handle for a firm grip to even out all the bumps, helping you get your baking game on point. Thus, as a beginner, if you struggle to smooth frosting on a cake, a cake smoother is all you need.

An elaborated, decorated cake improves its visual appeal. And a few basic tools are enough to level up your celebrations and cake decorating game. So, what’s the wait for? Whip up some gorgeous and celebration-worthy desserts in no time with these beginner-friendly cake decoration tools.

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