National Doctor’s Day- History and Ways to Celebrate

“The best doctor gives the least medicines.”

– Benjamin Franklin

No matter how much we dislike doctors for giving us bitter medicines and painful injections, we can never thank them enough for treating our diseases and giving us the gift of health. The doctors throughout the world work till the wee hours, seven days a week to make sure their patients are taken care of not just physically but emotionally as well. They are also considered the form of God, for they are capable to treat even the most severe diseases and bring people back from near death situations.

Every year on 30th March, National Doctor’s Day is celebrated across the United Arab Emirates to honor the efforts of doctors who play an essential role in serving their country by treating their patients. This day is celebrated on different dates in different countries to recognize the contributions of doctors for their communities.

History of Doctor’s Day


The very first time Doctor’s Day was celebrated on 30th March 1933 in Winder, Georgia when cards were mailed to the doctors and their wives, flowers were offered to the deceased doctors on their graves, and a formal dinner was held in the home of Dr. and Mrs. William T. Randolph. In November 1935, the resolution of paying tribute to the doctors was introduced to the Women’s Alliance of the Southern Medical Association at its 29th annual meeting, which was held in St. Louis, Missouri. Since then, Doctor’s Day has become an integral part of the Southern Medical Association Alliance. All these years, the red carnations have been used as the symbol of Doctor’s Day. On October 30, 1990, the US Senate and House of Representatives passed the joint resolution to designate March 30 (National Doctor’s Day) as a national holiday.

How Doctor’s Day Is celebrated Across the World?

  • The Doctor’s award ceremony is arranged at the hospitals to acknowledge the efforts and strengths of their doctors and medical providers.
  • A luncheon is organized in the hospitals and clinics for health care providers and their families so that they can have some fun time out of their busy schedules.
  • Doctors dedicate their entire lives taking care of their patients and healing them both physically and mentally. Many people are more than happy to appreciate doctors for their selfless care. The hospitals leave blank cards in their reception areas and encourage patients to fill out and let their doctors know how they have touched their lives.
  • The red carnation is designated as the official flower for Doctor’s Day, so people send a bouquet of carnations and the fruit basket to their family doctor for thanking them to be always there in the time of need.
  • People across the world send out “Thank You” notes to their doctors for appreciating their efforts and taking good care of their patients.

Doctors play an important role in our lives. From birth until the very last day of our lives, they help us maintain a healthy and stress-free lifestyle. If there is a doctor in your family or among friends, then express your gratitude towards them with the token of love. A fresh bouquet of flowers along with the yummy cake is perfect to delight their heart and show how much you appreciate and value their efforts.

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