Smart Ways of Watering Plants When You are Away from Your Home

Smart Ways of Watering Plants When You are Away from Your Home

Has your lush green pots become a parched desert while you were away? Don’t worry, we will give you some tips to keep them fresh.

Plants are just like pets. They need proper care to stay fresh, healthy, and blossom beautifully. Though the cute little indoor plants have become a part of your family, you can still not take them out with you. And returning home to a brown and dead plant is disheartening. So, we have listed down various ways in which you can water your plants while you’re away to keep them green and blooming.

  • Tip #1: Glass Bottle Irrigation System

Glass bottle irrigation system is an excellent self-watering system for plants that can be easily made at home using a glass bottle with an aluminium cap. Puncture five small holes in the cap, and fill the bottle with water. Now, dig a hole in the soil beside the plant you wish to water. Put the bottle upside down in the hole, and your glass bottle irrigation system is ready. The roots of the plant will soak up the water from the lid holes as per the requirements. It will work for a good long weekend.

  • Tip #2: Bathing the Houseplant


Another great way of watering plants when you’re busy is by bathing the houseplant. Fill up your sink or a tub with some water and lay a towel over the surface. Place your plants over the towel in the tub or the sink. Ensure that your plant’s pots have good drainage so that the roots can soak up the water quickly. This method can keep your plant fresh for up to a week.

  • Tip #3: Water Wick

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Link your plant to a water system using an ordinary cotton string and make a water wick to keep them cool. For this method, you need a cotton rope that quickly absorbs water and transfers it to the soil. Cut the rope, put one end inside a vase or a bucket full of water and the other end several inches into the soil. Similarly, link a cotton rope to each plant that needs watering with one slack in the water bucket. The water will get transferred through the rope. It is a great way to water multiple indoor plants while you’re away.

  • Tip #4: Plastic Bottle Water Tank

You can make a water tank for a plant in a plastic bottle which will help the plant water itself while you’re away. Take a plastic bottle as per your plant’s water requirement. Peirce 6 holes around the bottle and three holes at the bottom. Set the bottle in the soil, leaving the cap and an inch peeking out. Water the soil enough so that the plant does not take up all the water from the water tank itself. Now, fill the bottle, and your water tank is ready. You can use this technique if you do not have time to water your plants daily or if you’re out for a vacation. Just refill the bottle and enjoy the benefits of a utility water tank.

So, these were some tips to water your plant while you’re away. These methods are easy to make at home and will help you in the longer run. Your plants will be able to self-water using these ways. You can also take help from videos of plants online to make these DIY watering methods. Try them out and let us know your experience in the comments section below. 

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