Surprise Your Loved Ones With These 5 Wonderful Eco-Friendly Gifts for Diwali

Walking on the streets when you notice homes and shops decorated with colorful lights, you realize that Diwali is about to arrive. Yes, that joyous time of the year when you can barely hold your excitement and have a great time with all your friends and family members. Diwali is also the time to buy something special for your dear ones and send them wrapped in decorative gift boxes. Let’s make this Diwali a little special by offering your loved ones eco-friendly gifts such as Diwali flowers, sweets, dry-fruit hampers etc. to delight their heart and keep the environment around you clean.

  • Gift Plants on Diwali

When talking about going and gifting green, plants are the first thing that comes to our mind. They are considered long-lasting gifts that beautify the homes and gardens and bring in the positive vibes. Plants help improve air quality, reduces stress, and create a feeling of well-being. Be it air-purifying plants, Bonsai or Feng Shui plants, you can easily order plants online in Dubai to send your loved ones as Diwali gifts. They will always remind them of you and grow well with a little care just like your relationship.

  • Earthen Diwali Diyas

In Hinduism, light signifies purity, power, and goodness. That’s why houses are lit with diyas on Diwali to eradicate the clouds of darkness and spread the light of joy and knowledge everywhere. Gifting earthen diyas on Diwali is one of the best steps to promote the concept of eco-friendly gifts and wish your near and dear ones a joyous celebration. You can easily find designer diyas for Diwali painted with organic colors in the market and online websites at the best prices.

  • Terracotta Jewelry for Diwali

Gifting jewelry is considered quite auspicious on Diwali. Be it your girlfriend, sister, mother or wife, you can gift them vibrant terracotta jewelry made from 100 % organic products. It will add bohemian vibes to their personality and enhance the grace of overall outfit. The ethnic terracotta jewelry will help them steal attention everywhere they go and suit perfectly the festive look and feel of Diwali.

  • Diwali Jute Bags

Yes, we all make the mistake of using plastic products over and again. Help your dear ones go natural by offering jute bags so that they don’t have to carry poly bags or leather bags with them every time. A wide range of colored designer jute bags, jute-made notebooks, and trendy jute baskets are available in the market that you can purchase to revolutionize gift-giving this Diwali. The eco-friendly jute bags can be paired with trendy accessories and outfits to make a style statement on different occasions.

  • Handmade Scented Soaps

The organic handmade soaps prepared with natural products like aloe vera, turmeric, neem, sandal, etc. are not just good for your skin but also beneficial to the environment. Available in a number of unique scents, you can pick from the host of attractive handmade scented soaps to gift your dear ones this Diwali. These pleasant gifts will definitely add a charm to the festive celebration and help extend wishes in a beautiful manner.

We hope the amazing gift ideas mentioned above help you choose something incredible for your loved ones. This Diwali season, opt for green and eco-friendly Diwali gifts even for your corporate gifting also, that ensure a safe planet and prove to be of great utility to your loved ones!

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