Make Celebrations Amazing with Wonderful Diwali Decoration Ideas

Whenever someone mentions the word ‘Diwali’, it always brings pictures of perfectly decorated and illuminated home to our minds. The flower garlands hanging on the walls, the many shades of hanging lanterns, gleaming diyas, and illuminated courtyards are some of the basic scenes we get to witness during Diwali. Diwali is the festival of lights associated with the victory of light over evil. The lamps and diyas lit during Diwali symbolize the goodness and positive energy that we aim to spread around to eradicate the darkness of anger, jealousy, greed, and ego.

The well-decorated houses during Diwali add festive cheer to every corner and fill them with positive vibes. This year, adorn your abode with impressive Diwali decorations and add oomph to festivities like never before. We bring to you a bunch of Diwali home décor ideas that you could use to give a fresh and bright festive look to your home.

Get Creative with Rangoli

The beautiful rangoli design created with colorful rangoli powder and flowers is the best way to make the entrance of the house look pretty. You can also place designer diyas around the rangoli design to level up the décor. All the neighbours and relatives who drop in to extend Diwali wishes and give Diwali sweets will surely receive a grand welcome.

Hang Diwali Torans

The colorful torans made of beads, pearls, and mirrors are hung on the main door of the house during Diwali. They are considered auspicious elements during the Diwali festival that are known to bring happiness, prosperity, and good luck in the home. The torans come in a variety of shapes and sizes that you can purchase from the local market or online gift stores.

Decorate with Diyas

The clay diyas are the most traditional décor items for Diwali that symbolize knowledge and existence of positivity. Lighting diyas during Diwali is known to drive away bad luck or obstacles that hinder financial growth. They enhance the beauty of the house and brighten up the Diwali celebrations with their grace and charm. The Diwali diyas are available in a variety of colors and designs that you can light in front of the main gate of your home, in your verandah, inside your home, and in the prayer room.

Add Colorful Cushions

Adding a few colorful cushions on the sofa in the living room is a simple yet effective way to decorate the house during Diwali. You can pick the colorful cushions featuring traditional Indian art or customised cushions. They are sure to grab the attention of the guests and keep them comfy. The splash of colors will give a funky look to your home and add a cheerful mood to the occasion.

Spread Fragrance with Scented Candles

Light is an important part of Diwali décor. Decorating the home with scented candles is an impeccable way to offer warmth and shine to the festival décor and fill the house with a pleasant fragrance. The scented candles come in a variety of shapes and colors that can be kept over the center table, on the bedside table or over the dining table. They will illuminate the house and spread calming and soothing vibes with their fragrance.

Floating Flowers & Candles Arrangement

Flowers are a crucial part of Diwali decoration. They can be combined with candles to make cool decoration ideas for Diwali. Take a glass bowl and fill it with water. Now place some fresh flowers of your choice and floating candles alternatively in it and you are ready with bright and beautiful centerpiece arrangement. You can keep it in the living room to give a warm welcome to guests.

Glowing Fairy Lights

No matter whether you live in a big bungalow or a small apartment, colorful fairy lights always create an amazing glowing effect and make the house look like some fairyland. You can string up fairy lights any way you want to jazz up Diwali décor. You can hang up fairy lights in shapes like circles or triangles, stuff them inside colored bottles or mason jars, hang them from the ceiling or decorate on dried flowers. Similarly, you can also frame your mirror with fairy light or string them on one side of the wall like a curtain.

These awesome décor ideas will completely transform your house and add a spark to your Diwali celebrations.

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