Unique Ways to Present a Gift!

Unique Ways to Present a Gift

While you’ve chosen the best gift for your loved ones, handing it over in a unique way is equally important. Presenting a gift creatively adds an element of surprise to the process and makes it as unique as the gift. A fun gift reveal can show your efforts and turn gift-giving into a jolly experience for the receiver. If you are struggling to find ways to make the ‘big reveal’ happen for a special someone, then check out these unique ways of presenting a gift that will set the bar high.

  • The Gift Hunt

the gift hunt

Instead of giving a gift directly to the receiver, you can plan out a gift hunt game. Hand over a chit with some clues to the recipient that leads to the gift. Make a trail of clues and let your loved ones indulge in an entertaining gift finding game. It will be a fun surprise to build up the excitement.

  • Strange Delivery Person

Strange Delivery Person

If you have a small gift collection, choose the most improbable delivery person to present your gift. Give gifts to random people and present the gift at equal time intervals with a small note written by you. The delivery person doesn’t have to say much, except, ‘this is for you’ while presenting.

  • Unexpected Discovery

Unexpected Discovery

An unexpected discovery of a gift will make the receiver stumble upon the surprise at the most unexpected time. Choose a place that the recipient uses daily, like a cupboard, refrigerator, sock drawer, etc. Place your gift strategically and surprise your loved ones at an unexpected hour.

  • Let Your Dog Do the Job

Let Your Dog Do the Job

If the recipient is a dog lover and has a pet dog, then you probably have the best delivery agent in the house. Let the dog do the job by delivering your gift and message note to make it a pawsome surprise.

  • Gift Inside a Gift

Gift Inside a Gift

One of the most exciting parts of receiving a gift is unwrapping it. So, why not make unwrapping a fun reveal. A gift inside a gift is a quirky way of giving a surprise. Put your present in a larger box, and wrap it nicely. Repeat the same as many times and make a gift-inside-gift unwrapping puzzle.

We know that the true value of a gift lies in the heartfelt sentiments of the sender. But, a little effort to present it uniquely will make it even more special. You can also order gifts online and send them at an unexpected hour like midnight. Or you can send it to their workplace via an online gift portal.

What is your special way of presenting a gift? Let us know in the comments section below.

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