Ways to Transform your Balcony into a Mini Green Space

Aren’t plants simply the most remarkable being on this planet? The heavenly scent of soil, charming blooms and dancing leaves – even the simplest of a plant can bring the magic of wonderland indoors effortlessly. However, given the urbanisation, the balconies today are usually dominated by household chores including washing & drying the laundry, storing unwanted items, sun drying pickles, etc. But the balcony is meant to be a Zen space where you chill and relax. And that’s why we bring you a few effortless small balcony ideas (using plants & related stuff) you can use to transform your balcony into a green oasis.

Plant Low-Maintenance Plants

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The very first step to bringing the patch of the wild into your home is by planting low-maintenance plants. Aloe Vera plant, ZZ plant, Spider plant, Pothos, Lucky Bamboo and Succulents are some of the best, forgiving and low-maintenance houseplants that are aesthetically pleasing and will create a relaxing space effortlessly. Besides, the low-maintenance plants are ideal for those forgetful among us or those who are just starting to polish their green thumb.

Hang a Swing

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Most of us automatically get carried away by the charm of a porch swing but feels restricted because of the lack of space. However, there are, if not thousands, hundreds of mini balcony swings that can be nestled perfectly into smaller spaces.

Revamp your Wall Space

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When revamping a small space, people often overlook and forget to utilise the wall space. Opt for vertical arrangement by adding shelves for plants and lights, use your windowsills to put hanging planters and enjoy breathing freely in your space without feeling confined.

Save Space with Hanging Planters

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While you may be willing to add as many indoor plants as you want, the perpetual query occupies the mind: How to fit them all in? If you are short on space, the best small balcony idea would be either decorate them all on a shelf or put up hanging planters that will make your small space spacious. You can also hang or mount the planters on balconies or walls in order to save space. Go for Test Tube Planter, vertical hanging garden planter or balcony railing planter.

Light it Up

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If you are the kind of person who enjoys their time after daylight hours, make it count with beautiful lighting of any kind. Focus on soft lighting with fairy lights, lanterns and candles (fake) that will be aesthetically pleasing and give out a soft glow that isn’t too harsh. Talk about a perfect ambience or a luminescent atmosphere!

DIY with Mandala

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DIYing your Mandala can be both therapeutic and inspirational. So, if you have got an empty wall for which you are unable to figure out what to do with it, draw a mandala. Drawing one can be highly enriching. So, when it comes to small balcony ideas, you can experiment with different shapes, patterns and colours to represent anything that soothes your eyes and give it a refreshing look.

Play with Soothing & Warm Colour

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The paint you choose can have a huge impact on your mood. Relying on a neutral and natural colour palette can work wonders when transforming your balcony into a mini green space. Play with shades of sky blue, soft green, blush, pale yellow, lilac, teal or soft grey.

Given the recent times, we are spending most of our time indoors. Thus, it is imperative to transform it as per our convenience & comfort. Implement these small balcony ideas and transform your balcony into the enchanting green haven of your dreams.

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