5 Lively Flower Bouquets That Could Be The Best Gifts

Do not underestimate the art of giving flowers as a gift! They are beautiful, and meaningful and give voice to human emotions. Thus, whether you want to express your undying love towards your partner or gratitude for a friend, flowers make the perfect gift to extend different feelings and brighten up even the gloomiest of days. Besides, a simple bouquet can instantly convert a room into a garden. So, if you are looking for the perfect gift, consider these five lively and best flower bouquets.

Heavenly Hydrangeas


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Mostly seen in classic blue or white – a bouquet of hydrangeas is always a delight! Chic, sophisticated and diva-ish, Hydrangeas are an excellent choice when it comes to flowers that suit numerous occasions. This ornamental flowering plant holds a variety of meanings and symbolism. Different coloured hydrangeas represent different meanings. For example, purple hydrangeas reflect sympathy, green hydrangeas represent friendship and blue hydrangeas symbolise sincere apologies. Hence, they make perfect flowers for birthdays, anniversaries and ‘get well soon’ times.

Ornamental Orchids


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A beautiful and eye-catching flowering houseplant – Orchid can make the receiver’s heart throb with happiness. So, if you are looking for a royal gift for a wedding, anniversary or engagement party, these showy flowers are an ideal choice. In fact, they are not only presented as gifts but also dominate the space in the form of decoration. Their bright and breezy hues speak volumes of classiness and elegance.

Charming Carnations


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One of the many reasons why a bouquet of carnations makes the best gift is its elegance and beholding the feelings of love, affection and gratitude. Since these gorgeously and fluffy flower represents deep love, fascination and affection, you can impress your loved ones effortlessly. Moreover, their breezy scent and a myriad of colours make carnation flower a delight for our senses and occasions. Pair them with sunflowers, gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums or roses and gift an adorable yet exquisite piece.

Lively Lilies


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From joyful yellows to vibrant pinks, lilies are a forever delight to add happiness and celebration to anyone’s day. In fact, a bouquet of fresh lilies can perfume the surroundings in no time and cheer up your special someone. These blooms are not only perfect for decorating in a vase but are also extremely suitable for weddings, birthdays and other occasions. Though lilies, in general, symbolise passion, royalty, rebirth and purity, do note that differently-hued and types of lilies represent different meanings all across the world. Hence, choose the one according to the occasion and relation you share with the recipient.

Radiant Roses


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Roses are classic flowers for a reason! And that’s primarily why this list of best flower bouquets won’t be complete without their mention. A romantic bouquet of red roses is always the foremost choice. Whether given for a special occasion or simply just because this gift is sure to show your loved one how much you care. Since there is a wealth of rose arrangements and colours to choose from, there is the right match for practically every occasion. Put together a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses and watch your valentine feel over the moon. For that special touch, mix red with pink roses to showcase poetic love and appreciation. On the other hand, to express gratitude, go for a bouquet of yellow or pink roses.

With so many different colours, fragrances and meanings, choosing the best flower bouquets can really make your dear ones’ day. We hope this guide will help you mark a holiday, celebrate a milestone or even bury the hatchet.

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