What Makes Mother So Special?

“Mothers hold their child’s hand for a moment and their heart for a lifetime.”

Mother is the most beautiful creation of God whose heart is filled with unconditional love. She is always there when needed, provides everything that is desired and cares enough to protect us from the evil in the world. The love of a mother is the purest form of joy that you will ever experience. She never stops caring for you and always has your best interest at heart. A Mother is irreplaceable in our hearts and life for all the good reasons.

Here are the few reasons that explain why mothers are so special that we cannot imagine our life without them.

She Brought You to This World

Your mother is the reason for your existence. All the beautiful things and worldly joys that you are able to witness is because of your mom. She made the decision to bring you to this wonderful world, gave birth to you and took on the responsibility to love, care, and support you.

She Keeps You before Her

Your mother is the only person in the entire world who keep your needs and happiness before hers. No matter how tired she is, if you are hungry in the middle of the night she will sacrifice her sleep and make you something so that you don’t have to sleep empty stomach.

She Always Turns Your Frown into a Smile

Whenever you are in a bad mood, dealing with tough years of life or feeling low, your mother is always there to cheer you up and put a broad smile on your face. Her kind words comfort you in the hard times and leave you feeling fresh, confident, and full of life.

Her Love Is Selfless and Unmatched

The Mother is the most prominent figure in your life who keeps giving without expecting anything in return. Her love is selfless, which you can never ever receive from anyone else in your entire life. She loves you even when you are unhappy with yourself and it is her affection that makes you a better person.

She Inspires In the Best Ways

A mother who wears several hats and handles all the responsibilities with utmost perfection is an ultimate source of inspiration in life. She teaches you valuable lessons, supports at every step, and inspires you to achieve better things in life.

She is Irreplaceable

The warmth of your mother’s love holds a special place in your heart. It offers the much-needed comfort, which is significantly important for you. People come and go in your life but it is the mother whom you always hold close to your heart and can never be replaced by anyone else in the world.

The Best Therapist in the World

We all deal with a lot of problems in our daily life that sometimes take away our mental peace. Putting your head on your mom’s lap after a tiring day at work make all your worries go away. Talking to your mom is like therapy that relaxes your mind and gives you the strength to deal with the world.

Mother is not just a word, she is the world. Your entire life revolves around her and she is the best thing ever happened to you. Always make your mom feel loved and special with your affection, care, and respect.

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