Improve Your Home Decor with DIY Flower Art Ideas

“Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.”

                                                              – Cecelia Ahern

Home is the heaven where the magic begins. And if you want to weave that magic with beautiful blooms that gives off a sweet fragrance and create a warm aura, nothing can beat that. Decorating your lovely abode with mesmerizing flowers add vibrancy to the environment and fill it with positivity that gets you going all day long.

Here are some artful arrangement of flowers that you can consider to beautify your space and nurture it with colors.

Glass Jar Arrangement

If you are left with some spare glass jars and containers biting the dust in the corner of your kitchen, then it is the right time to put them to some good use. You can use them as an alternative flower vase and put the bright, vibrant flowers in them. Put some sea shells and pebbles inside the glass jars to make them look attractive. Keep this arrangement near the window of the room or on the study desk to add a pop of color to your home.

Basket Arrangement

Small flowers or green grass in a basket kept at the corner of the house will give it a vintage look. The red color roses or a combination of different colored roses arranged beautifully in a basket will make a perfect delight for the eyes. You can also add the seasonal fillers to enhance the beauty of the arrangement and make it look more presentable. The rose basket kept at the center table is sure to fill the entire space with its fragrance and create a cozy atmosphere.

Pitcher Arrangement

Do you have some old pitchers resting on your kitchen shelves? It is high time that you take them out and use to accentuate the beauty of your home. Paint them in the pastel shades of pink, yellow, blue, and purple to place the matching flowers in them, such as carnations, daisies, orchids, and tulips. Keep them lined up near the window of your kitchen or bedside table so that you wake up every morning with gorgeous flowers beside you.

Bottle Arrangement

You would be surprised to know that instead of throwing away old wine and milk bottles you can actually use them to augment the décor of your home. Putting single stemmed roses or tulips inside the transparent bottles will draw attention towards themselves and will look beautiful sitting in the middle of the dining table or center table. You can also put fairy lights inside the bottles to make them look dreamy.

 Teacup Arrangement

Soft pink or yellow flowers sitting in porcelain tea or coffee cups will make the oh-so-pretty display that would look great as a centerpiece or on your study table adding the perfect amount of colors to the surroundings. The perfect option to decorate your house for an evening party, this arrangement will certainly grab the attention of your friends.

Your home is the reflection of your personality. Whether you are a fan of bright colored flowers or prefer the sober ones, use them wisely and in a creative way to enhance the décor of your home and make a beautiful abode out of it. The mesmerizing blooms will help you create a peaceful aura and bring freshness to your home.

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