Which Flowers Convey Love & Affection?


Though flowers are the epitome of beauty, they humbly convey your feelings of love and affection. They paint the town red, blue, yellow, orange, pink and even a rainbow of colours. Be it a designer bouquet or single-stemmed – A flower given from the heart is enough. Most of the time, when we think of flowers, we immediately move to roses. No doubt they are the timeless and intoxicating flowers that have bewitched people for centuries. However, there are plenty more fish in the sea. Below we talk about different flowers that are not roses but send out similar feelings.

Opulent Orchids


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Sophisticated, exclusive and striking – Orchids never fail to impress or fascinate the receiver as well as the giver. They are those exotic blooms that work well when you want to convey romantic feelings. Orchids can be found in a bunch of shapes, sizes and graceful colours. Other than love, they are a symbol of beauty, strength and luxury. More so, when provided with the right care and attention, these blooms can last for weeks, or even months.

Terrific Red Tulips


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Is your partner the yang to your yin? The cheese to your mac? The cube of butter to your bread? Then a bouquet of red tulips will keep the sparks flying. After rose, red tulips have been a forever symbol of undying love and romance. Other than red, these popular blooms are available in an array of colours including yellow, purple, pink and blue. So, if you want to gift flowers that look like roses but express more than that, tulips are the most elegant stems.

Charismatic Carnations


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Carnations are gorgeous and cheery flowers. They share a shape similar to roses, only features dense petals. Since they represent beauty, they make a perfect present to strengthen all the beautiful relations in your life. Just like others, carnations also come in a burst of colours. These rounded ruffled petals are a staple for almost every special occasion and festivities. So, give your loved ones a bouquet of carnations and watch them break into a broad smile.

Affectionate Anthurium


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A heart-shaped flower, Anthurium is a symbol of happiness, hospitality and abundance. Also referred to as Painted Tongue, it makes an ideal arrangement to communicate a message of love. These glossy and bright-coloured blooms (depending on the colour) reflect love and passion (red, burgundy, and pink), concern, sensuality, femininity, and motherly affection (light pink) and innocence and purity (white).

Passionate Peonies


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If red roses aren’t their things, peonies may be very well! The stature of beauty, style and elegance, peonies are iconic and most fragrant flowers that make a perfect alternative to red roses. They also symbolise wealth, prosperity and happy marriage. Henceforth, other than expressing romantic feelings, they make a perfect gift for weddings and anniversaries.

Radiant Ranunculus

Radiant Ranunculus

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Ranunculus stands as the top candidate after roses. The only dissimilarity with it is that it features a vibrant swirl of petals. Ranunculus looks & feels romantic and the wild stems make the bouquet look elegant and calm. Since they are a symbol of affection, they make a perfect present for both romantic relationships and friendships. The tissue-like flowers are available in 500+ varieties and make a fine addition to any flower arrangement.

Whether it is their birthday, marriage, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or any other occasion where you want to confess your heartfelt feelings, present them with these fabulous blooms instead of red roses. It’s about time you move beyond the usual bunch of roses!

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