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  1. A morning reminder to be thankful for what you have and to continue to work hard for what you love.

  2. Don’t give up, for you have no idea what the next day can bring to you. Good Morning!

  3. The essence of life is not in what all you have but who all you have with you. Good Morning!

  4. It is important to commit mistakes in life, for without them you will never move ahead in life. Good Morning!

  5. You are smart
    You are amazing
    You are beautiful
    You are enough
    Don't let anyone make you think otherwise.

  6. Be patient! Sometimes you need to sail through the rough tides to enjoy the calmness.

  7. Just like a baby takes one step at a time, you need to embrace one positive thought at a time. Good Morning!

  8. Your attitude can either make your day or break it. Focus on what makes you happy for a blissful day.

  9. Build a chain of kindness by first being kind to yourself then to others. Good Morning!

  10. Everyday you are presented with two roads, one that lets you sleep with your dreams and the other that wakes you up to chase them. So, choose wisely. Good Morning!

  11. To live a worrisome life is a waste of your time! Good Morning

  12. Don’t spend your time searching for the right person, instead strive to become that person. Good Morning

  13. A morning reminder that the direction to your goal is far more important than your speed. Good Morning

  14. In life, the challenges you face will always be based on your capabilities and endurance. Good Morning

  15. Your mind is like an umbrella. It will function better when you open it. Good Morning