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  1. Teddy bears don't need hearts as they are already stuffed with love. - Unknown

  2. When everyone else has let you down, there’s always Teddy bear. -Clara Ortega 

  3. Anyone who has looked a teddy bear in the face will recognize the friendly twinkle in his knowing look.
    -Harold Nadolny

  4. When everyone else has let you down, there’s always Ted. -Clara Ortega

  5. You really don’t have to be young to find a friend in a teddy bear. – Rachel Newman

  6. Teddy bears like to go on morning picnics in the summertime, so they can enjoy the sunshine before it gets too hot for their furry selves. -Abigail Darling

  7. Teddy Bears are like keys. They’re always in the first place you think they’d be, and the last place you look. – Garfield

  8. Everything in life I share, except of course my teddy bear! –Unknown

  9. A teddy bear does not depend upon mechanics to give him the semblance of life. He is loved and therefore he lives. -Pam Brown

  10. There’s just something about a Teddy Bear that’s impossible to explain. When you hold one in your arms, you get a feeling of love, comfort, and security. It’s almost supernatural. -James Ownby

  11. Now that I’m all grown up, I can buy any old Teddy Bear I want except the old Teddy Bear I want. -William Sternman

  12. A teddy bear is your childhood wrapped up in faded yellow fur, and as such, he commands affection long after he is outgrown. -Pam Brown

  13. A bear teaches us that if the heart is true, it doesn’t matter much if an ear drops off. – Unknown

  14. Bears sleep by day. At night they stay awake to chase away bad dreams. – Unknown

  15. I miss the days when all it took to make me feel better was my teddy bear! – Unknown

  16. Having a teddy bear doesn’t mean you are immature, sometimes they are the only ones that don’t laugh when you cry. – Unknown

  17. It's too bad we're not all teddy bears. More stuffing would only make us cuter and cuddlier. – Richelle E. Goodrich

    A teddy bear will give you love.
    A grizzly bear will give you a mauling.
    Some bears aren't just the same. – Anthony T. Hincks

  18. A bedroom without a teddy is like a face without a smile. – Unknown

  19. You’re never too old for a teddy bear. – Unknown

  1. Sending a teddy to my cutest cuddly beloved who is certainly my life. Happy Teddy Day!

  2. It's Teddy Bear Day
    I just wanted to say

  3. On this teddy bear day,
    I am sending you a teddy bear.
    But the bad thing is that
    It can't compete with you in cuteness.

  4. It's a TEDDY BEAR DAY! And I 'm thinking of someone cute and huggable that someone SPECIAL IS YOU.
    Happy Teddy Bear Day!

  5. You may not be able to hug me but you can surely hug this teddy bear. Happy Teddy Day dear!

  6. Even if the sun refuses to shine, the words refuse to rhyme…
    You will always be my valentine.
    Love you sweetheart...
    Happy Teddy Day!!

  7. Who said teddies aren't real...
    I mean just look at you!!...
    You are the most adorable teddy, my love!
    Happy Teddy Day!

  8. On this Teddy Day, I want to tell you, you are more warm, cute and cuddly than any teddy bear... Love you!!

  9. Your heart beats to tell you something new…
    It wants to say...
    Happy Teddy Day!!

  10. You know what, your hairs are softer than teddy’s hair, eyes shiner than teddy, and you are cutter than teddy,
    love you!

  11. I wish I were a cell in your blood, so I would be sure I was somewhere in your heart.
    Happy Teddy Bear Day!

  12. When a TOUCH could HEAL a wound
    When EYES could SPEAK volumes
    When a SMILE can confirm I M THERE
    Then why do we need words to say 'I LOVE YOU.'
    Happy Teddy Bear Day!

  13. The teddy I am sending is not just the teddy, but it’s me. Hug me tight and wish me a happy teddy day.

  14. You always live within me,
    You always laugh within me,
    And makes me happy and smiling,
    You always give me a soft and touchy feeling just like a lovely teddy.
    Happy teddy day!

  15. I want to present you a lovely teddy,
    On this special teddy day,
    To show you my love and affection to you.
    Happy teddy day!

  16. I want to present you a lovely teddy,
    On this special teddy day,
    To show you my love and affection to you.
    Happy teddy day!

  17. Last teddy day was so special for me,
    This was the day I met you,
    This was the day I said you,
    I love you,
    Happy teddy day!

  18. A breath is a sign of life,
    A beat is a sign of heart life,
    A teddy is a sign of love,
    And your love is a sign of my life.
    Happy teddy day!

  19. You care for me so much,
    You love me so much,
    I would like to live,
    My every moment with you,
    Just like a sweet teddy. Happy teddy day!

  20. Teddy Bears, whether old or new
    They're cute and cuddly, pink or blue
    On Teddy Bear Day, I want to tell you
    No one is as adorable as you.