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      Cake Care Guide

      Cake Care: Handling, Transportation and Storage

      We all love to gorge on sweet delicacy when it comes about celebrating any special occasion or event. Among, all these sweet delicacies, cakes are the most preferred by people to add sweetness and unforgettable memory during the celebrations. A cake is a wonderful thing to greet people and to bring home for enhancing the celebrations. The joy of sweetness related to the cakes can leave your mouth with utter disgust if the cakes are not preserved after they are delivered at your doorstep.

      Although, the common practice of preserving a cake for a long time includes refrigerating it immediately to help retain its freshness and sweet taste for a long time. There is still a lot which needs to be done in this direction to maintain the authentic taste of your cake for a significant period of time. Here are some of the tips which one must know to care for a cake to enjoy the mouthful of heaven in a better way.

      Care tips (when it is delivered at your place):

      • Always remember that cakes are best enjoyed at normal room temperature, but having said that do remember to keep the Fresh Fruit cake, Cream Cheese cake, or Egg Based Fillings like pastry cream and lemon curd in refrigerator if not consumed immediately.
      • If your Cake is delivered directly on the event venue avoid keeping it in direct sunlight and keep it placed in an air-conditioned room.
      • If your cake contains some figurines or sculptures these may include wire supports, wooden skewers or toothpicks. Please inform people especially before serving to small children.
      • Hand Painted & airbrushed cakes should not be refrigerated because as soon as you take them out of refrigeration, condensation causes the food colourings to drip and run.
      • Daylight and fluorescent lights can fade the colour of your cake decorations especially if these are in pink and purple colour.

      Care tips (when you are picking the cake from shop yourself):

      • You must check the cake and by that we mean the name you wanted over the cake, personal message, colour of cream, spelling mistakes, etc.
      • While leaving you must keep both your hands under the board so that weight is evenly distributed. If you don't do so, there may be cracks in fondant or cream layers.
      • Do not squeeze the side of the cake boxes and save your cake from unnecessary spilling of cream layers.
      • You must choose the vehicle well while you are returning with the cake. Auto and cars are preferred because you have space to spread unlike bike or bus or train.
      • In case your cake is a large customized one, the shop may not give you a box to take back home. There would be only a cake platform with open box for safety reasons only.
      • Now once you are in your vehicle, you must place the cake at the flattest part of your transport. Floorboard or SUV flat bed space is best suited. Generally, seats are not preferred because of the slanting nature. The moment any road-breakers come, there's possibility of sliding sideways or down if you keep the cake on your seat.
      • Don't keep any item around the cake box to be safe and secure.
      • When you are going to pick up the cake, please avoid kids and pets as they make be at their mischievous best.
      • When you have a decorative or designer or fondant cake to take back home, you must avoid any other engagements here and there because the more you roam around, there is risk of sliding, tipping, leaning, and leaping of the cake. Generally warm buttercream slides down a bit. So, don't risk it and take the cake straight to its destination.