About Daughter’s Day

Daughters are known to be the angels sent from heaven to fill the heart of the family members with joy. A special day is dedicated to her presence and contribution to a family in small scale and the whole nation at large and this day is known as Daughters Day. Actually, there is no such great history of Daughters Day celebration in our country but for the past few years this day has gained a prominence in the public eye. If one looks back in the pages of history, the daughters of our culture have always played a major role in safeguarding the pride and honor of the family. They do the same thing even today! For quite some time, the 4th Sunday of September is celebrated as National Daughters Day. Flowers, gifts, and accolades are showered on the girl child. Today, when the daughters have broken all the shackles and came out and proved their caliber in every field be it astronomy or sports, drama or politics – it’s high time that they get their due. This day is celebrated with a view to bring more power to girls, to encourage their talent, and to promote an awareness to stop violence against girls, and to educate them.

Why Daughter’s Day is celebrated?

Gone are the days when Daughters were considered to be a burden. We as a nation have come a long way in giving girls their due. We still have a far way to go. Daughter’s day is the best day to tell your daughter what she means to you. How much you love her and want the best for her. When a daughter is born, she fills the house with so much joy and as she grows she becomes your best friend in no time. Such is the power of daughters as they take on many challenging roles while growing up. One day to celebrate them is less but good for starters!

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