About Teachers Day

A teacher is a friend and a mentor. They hold our hands and are the ones who educate and give shape to the next generation's thinking. Teachers are very important individuals, thus, one cannot ignore their contributions and hard work. So, every year on the 5th of October, World Teacher’s Day is celebrated in the UAE and globally to honour the significant part teachers play in society. This day serves as a reminder of the value of teachers in society and is observed in every country of the world to recognise the efforts of all educators.

Are you someone who is wondering why this day is celebrated in a grand manner? If yes, then know all about the history and significance of World Teacher’s Day by scrolling down right away!

History of Teacher's Day

While the roots of Teacher’s Day are connected to the cultural land of India, its branches have reached all corners of the world. At first, the day was only celebrated in India, but later in 1994, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) announced October 5 as World Teachers' Day. Since then, students and teachers around the world celebrate this holiday with great splendour. Following this acceptance, the UNESCO Recommendation for the Status of Higher Education Teaching Personnel was also endorsed in 1997 by the UNESCO General Conference.

In Addition to that, World Teacher’s day also calls for the anniversary of the ILO/UNESCO recommendation's approval in 1966, which emphasised the status of teachers. According to the UNESCO website, "this recommendation establishes the rights and responsibilities of teachers, as well as international standards for their initial and continuing education, recruitment, employment, teaching and learning conditions."

Significance of the Teacher's Day

World Teachers' Day is celebrated to raise awareness of teachers' rights and responsibilities around the world. The day brings to light various issues concerning teacher recruitment, training, and education in various countries. The day is crucial for overcoming such challenges and marking their progress. World Teachers' Day also sheds light on educators working conditions and employment opportunities around the world. This day is significant in promoting equal and quality education for a better future.

Now, you know all about why World Teacher’s Day is so popular in the UAE and all across the world. Every year, teachers of the Emirates get the spotlight to talk about their achievements and what they want to do in order to improve the current education system. Ergo, don’t forget to wish your teacher on this auspicious day or surprise them with amazing Teachers Day gifts, after all, they are educating the future leaders of our country on an everyday basis.