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      Marigold - Divine and Auspicious

      Marigold is also called Genda in Hindi and is a popular flower when it comes to weddings and several auspicious ceremonies. These flowers were popularly believed to be used by none other than Lord Rama and this explains their intricate association with any ceremony that is highly auspicious. The orange and yellow colors of the marigold flower are indicative of the sun’s warmth and sheer beauty according to popular folklore.

      Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu are considered in mythology to be the ideal couple and their worship takes place with marigolds. In the Middle Ages, marigolds were the flowers of choice for both men and women as love spells and charms. The Marigold flower indicates warmth, beauty, working hard to win the affections of a person, desire for prosperity, creativity and ambition, celebrating and remembering those who have passed away, grief due to loss of love, good cheer in any relationship and sacred offerings to Gods.

      Types of Marigold

      There are various types kinds of Marigold flowers and each color specifies a different meaning.

      All Marigold flowers will have a variation of orange, yellow or red petals. These colors symbolize warmth and good cheer. These are usually excellent gifts for those who are feeling low and need something to smile about.

      Red is also symbolic of a long life and prosperity. These marigold flowers can be gifted at religious ceremonies, birthdays which fall in summer and also for encouraging someone to achieve more success. Marigolds are also apt choices at memorial ceremonies for loved ones who have passed away.

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