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      Rhododendron - Caution and Danger

      The Rhododendron means rose or red tree and is originally native to Nepal. It is also the national flower of Nepal. The bell-shaped rhododendron flowers belie what grows beneath and its leaves have proven to be poisonous. The rhododendron plant contains toxins, which if ingested, are harmful to humans and animals which can be a possible reason behind the flower symbolizing caution and danger.

      The Rhododendron is also a symbol of riches and prosperity and of kissing your dreams with the energy of unwavering belief and faith. It is also offered as a symbol of protectiveness and an ardent desire for someone's wellbeing.

      Types of Rhododendron

      The Rhododendron blossoms in an array of colours, from pure white and light pastels to brilliant orange and gold to purple and red. Some blossoms change colour over time or are marked with contrasting colours.

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