Tips For Planning A Fun-Filled Anniversary Party

Be it your first marriage anniversary or silver jubilee celebration, the excitement for this special day never seems to fade away. Anniversary celebrations help the couple cherish their companionship and give them a chance to shower each other with unconditional love and affection. Well, throwing an anniversary party is a great way to include your friends and family members in the most important celebration of your life. But it takes a lot of effort to plan a fun-filled anniversary celebration. We have created a list of important things that you should keep in mind while planning an anniversary party.

    • Choose a Location

The first and foremost step- choose the location for an anniversary party. If you have a small get-together in mind, then you can host the party at the house. If it is going to be a large gathering, then you can rent out a restaurant that can hold the required number of guests. Choose the location which is feasible for all the guests.

    • Make the Guest List

Anniversary is a very personal celebration in which people prefer to include their close friends and family members. You can consider inviting the people who were present on your wedding day and with whom you share a close bonding.

    • Send out Invites

Once the guest list is ready, sending out party invites is the next major step. Create a group email or Whatsapp group to send e-invites to all the guests at once. If anyone has any queries regarding the venue or date, they can ask on the group and get the required information easily.

    • Consider a Theme

Setting a theme for the anniversary party simplifies the overall planning starting from food to décor. Some popular anniversary theme includes rustic garden, balloon decoration, or fanciful flowers theme. For the floral theme, you can consult a florist in Dubai or across the UAE to arrange the decorations accordingly. You can also build a theme around the couple’s wedding anniversary symbol.

    • Decide On the Menu

If you are planning to have the anniversary party at home, then book the caterers in advance and discuss with them everything from cuisines to drinks. Decide the menu keeping in mind the dietary restrictions of guests invited to the party, such as something vegetarian or gluten-free.

    • Plan Party Decorations

The party decorations should be strictly in accordance with the selected theme. If you cannot do it all by yourself, then hire professional decorators. After all, the venue decoration adds fun and charm to the celebrations and make the celebrating couple and guests feel even more special.

    • Choose the cake

The wedding anniversary cake is an important part of the celebration. Without the cake, no party is ever considered exciting. There are several online cake stores in the UAE where you can place the order for a cake. Ranging from photo cake, designer cake to tiered cake, plenty of cake ideas are available online that you can choose based on the theme and number of the anniversary of the celebrating couple.

    • Order the Gift

While planning a surprise anniversary party for your parents or friend, don’t forget to buy a gift for them in advance. If you are running out of time, then you can order the anniversary present from an online gift store. There are separate sections of anniversary gifts for him & her on every gift website that help customers choose suitable gifts without wasting their precious time.

    • Choose Entertainment

Decide on the entertainment for the anniversary party so that the guests do not start to feel bored after some time. You can hire a band or a DJ for musical entertainment throughout the party. You can plan outdoor games, karaoke or dancing competition for the gusts. The games will add a fun element to the party and make it special for both the couple and guests.

    • Book a Photographer

You need a photographer to capture all of the special moments at the anniversary party. Book a professional photographer who can focus on key moments of the couple and their loved ones. And there’s nothing better if you can arrange a photo booth where the couple and guests can take Insta-worthy clicks as a memory of this special day.

These essential tips will help you plan the best anniversary party in the town.

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