Fun Virtual Happy Hour Ideas to Try During Lockdown

The challenging situation of lockdown is keeping us from going out. Social distancing is the need of the hour. Due to which, we can’t meet our friends or be a part of their special occasions. But technology has made it possible to practice social distancing and still hang out with your buddies. You ask how? Through video catch-up sessions. There is a list of ideas that you can try to connect with your friends & enjoy virtual happy hours with them during the lockdown.

    • Watch a movie

Take Netflix & Chill mode to a whole new level by including your friends. Download the extension Netflix Party that allows you to start watching movies with friends & family online. With the help of this extension, you can synchronise video playback. So, if someone in the group needs a quick break, everyone’s screen will pause & resume at the same time. There is a group chat feature as well that allows you to type your comments about the movie.

    • Plan a game night

Get all your friends on a SKYPE call & have fun playing games like Pictionary, dumb charades, truth or dare & never have I ever. The exciting games will keep you on the edge of your seats and wash away the lockdown blues.

    • Host a karaoke

Just because you are stuck at home due to lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t sing your heart out & entertain your friends. You can adapt zoom for a virtual karaoke session with a bunch of your friends. It is a chance to sing your favourite songs and showcase your talent in front of your friends.

    • Play a drinking game

Do you miss hitting the bar with your friends on weekends? Include a drinking game to your zoom hangout session and have fun with your squad laughing all night long. Beer pong is one of the best drinking games to play over a video chat. It’s easy to play by getting your whole squad involved.

    • Work out together

Are you missing going to the gym due to the COVID-19 fiasco? Try working out at home together with your friend but apart. There are many live-streaming free workout classes. Tune in to the form of exercise that works for both of you. And workout at the same time at your respective places. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in the body. It will bring a ray of hope in your life amid the lockdown blues.

    • Dinner Date

Dinner dates in fancy restaurants is not an option during the lockdown. Instead, you can prepare a meal for yourself and enjoy while having a leisurely video chat with your squad. It’ll be almost like eating together on the same table. So, what are you waiting for? Invite your friends online and start cooking. We hope these ideas help you socialise with your friends virtually & let you sail smoothly through the challenging lockdown period.

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