10 Ways to Find Out Your Crush Likes You Back

Getting attracted to someone may have biological reasons, but the way it makes our mind and soul feel is purely divine. It happens to all of us. We meet several people daily but there’s only a view that grabs our attention and leaves our mind wondering about them. We get those butterflies whenever they are around us. Or we may go blank and know nothing about what to say in front of them. And before we know it, we start liking them. Start thinking about their personality, the way they look, how they talk, and about a million other things.

But when we start liking someone, we want to know about their feelings as well. Do they have feelings for us? Do they also feel for us the way we feel for them? And with a gazillion questions in mind, we end up tossing and turning in the bed several nights. If you are also the one perplexed about your crush’s feelings towards you, then we are here to help. Through this blog, we will help you find out if your crush is into you.

They Look At You

If you have noticed your crush staring at you several times, then it is obvious that they are into you. You need to keep observing if this happens more often. Or if they smile at you a lot, then it is a positive sign that they too have feelings for you.

They Are Interested To Know About You

When your crush asks you about your likes, hobbies and seems interested in knowing a lot more about you, then it is a classic sign that they are into you. Or if your crush happens to know a lot of things about you that you never actually told them that means they have surely done some research on you by talking to your friends or stalking your social media profile. It is a big sign that they are interested in you and putting efforts to get to know you better.

They Ask About Your Status

If your crush asks about your relationship status directly or indirectly or always end up asking personal questions, it may be a good sign that they like you and see you as a potential partner.

They Are Nervous Around You

We often get nervous around the people we like. We do weird things or our brain stops working properly. If your crush seems to be nervous around you and you notice them doing weird things out of nowhere, then it means that they like you a lot and want to impress you.

They Make Extra Effort To Talk To You

If your crush often finds excuses to talk to you like they text you to ask trivial things or stop a conversation with others to start one with you, then that could be a sign that they like you. They would immediately respond to all your text messages. Or find excuses to call you just to hear your voice. They would try to stretch the conversation with long replies so that they could spend more time getting to know you better. If all this is happening with you too, then it is a clear-cut sign that your crush is into you.

They Find Excuses To Surprise You With Lovely Gifts

Gifting is a thoughtful gesture often reserved for special occasions. So, if you find your crush discussing gift ideas with their friends and looking for gifts for him or gifts for her online and then you end up receiving gifts on your birthday, job promotion, or any other occasion, you must not let their hard work go in vain. They made all these efforts to impress you that means they hold strong feelings for you and want to gain your acceptance and trust to take things further.

They Always Look For Excuses To Spend Time With You

Be it a group dinner, a movie date with friends or a road trip with buddies, if your crush starts hanging out a lot with you regularly, then it’s a strong sign they are trying to tell you that they enjoy your company and love to spend time with you.

They Are Always Willing To Help You

If your crush is always there to help you whenever required, then they may actually like you. So, don’t take their help for granted and read the signs they have been trying to send you by being nice and considerate towards your feelings.

They May Get Upset When You’re With Someone Else

If you are talking to someone or getting closer to someone else and your crust starts acting weird or might look jealous, then it is an obvious sign that they like you and want to keep your attention.

They Remember Important Things About You

When someone is in love with you, then even your little things matter to them. They would remember all the important details and dates related to you, like your birthday, work anniversary, etc. If your crush happens to remember even the tiniest details about you like the day when you wore that polka dot dress or the fun outfit you wore for a fun Friday party, then these are the signs that they are deeply into you or may even love you.

They say the best feeling in the world is being loved back by the person you love. If the answer to all the situations mentioned above is affirmative in your case that means you are one lucky person to be liked back by your crush. Thus, you can confidently take things further by proposing to your crush in a unique way, say with a Valentine’s Day special cake or a box of chocolates.

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