5 Popular Flowers That Bloom During Christmas Season

The thought of Christmas fills our imagination with joy, laughter, and the fun of playing in the snow. Yes, amidst the chilled weather of December, Christmas brings the warmth of the love of our friends and family members. It is also one of the best seasons for vibrant and ravishing flowers to bloom that are capable to withstand the cold climatic conditions. These December bloomers make lovely Christmas gifts and you can use them for festive decorations as well.


The bright red flowers and green leaves of Poinsettia make classic flowers for the Christmas season that fills the entire home with cheerful vibes. Poinsettia is an evergreen woody shrub that grows well both indoor and outdoor. Make sure to care Poinsettia well as you don’t overwater them and water moderately when the soil becomes dry. One interesting fact about this beautiful Christmas flower is that it was named after the former US ambassador to Mexico, Dr. Joel R. Poinsett, who introduced them to the United States.


Paperwhite narcissus is a popular houseplant that takes six to eight weeks from planting to flowering and produce fragrant perky white blooms in bunches. It can be forced to flower in time for Christmas. You can store them in a cool or a dark place before you actually plant them. Once planted, water them regularly in well-drained soil and keep away from direct sunlight. These gorgeous white flowers will add beauty in abundance to your Christmas home decor.


Cyclamen is an attractive winter bloom that grows in shades of red, white, and pink. It makes a perfect houseplant that can be kept at a minimum of 15 degree Celsius. Cyclamen develop crimson flowers in winter that have 4-6 inch stems with deep green leaves. Stop watering it during summer when the plant stops growing and resume watering when you see growth starting again.


Amaryllis is a popular winter flower that blooms within four to six weeks of planting. It bears red, white, and pink trumpet-shaped flowers that grow in clusters. You should grow amaryllis in well-drained soil and allow it to absorb bright, dark sunlight. Amaryllis makes the best flower for Christmas decor. So you need to plant Amaryllis in the fall to have a burst of these blooms during the holiday season. Christmas flower bouquets adorned with Amaryllis and other vibrant blossoms are ideal to extend festive wishes to your loved ones.


Mistletoe is considered quite sacred in Europe, which is known to bring life and fertility due to its aphrodisiac properties. It has parasitic properties and grows well on the branches of other trees and hangs down from its roots, penetrate into the tree and extract nutrients from it. Decorating houses using mistletoe during Christmas is quite a famous tradition, which is also considered important to ward off evil spirits. It can be used to create a splendid Christmas flower arrangement to decorate over a coffee or dining table or at any corner of the house.

Add more colors to your Christmas home décor with these lovely winter flowers and have the best festive celebration with your friends and family members.

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