Awesome Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas- Do it yourself!

Christmas is around the corner and it is time for coming up with innovative ways of decorating your Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is the focal point of every celebration at home and there are several unique decoration ideas that you can pick from and execute yourself.

Here’s taking a look at some of the best DIY (do-it-yourself) decoration ideas for your Christmas tree:

  • Citrus Ornaments– You can opt for a fragrant and sweet smelling Christmas tree by making use of gingerbread ornaments fused with dried slices of oranges. This makes for a novel idea indeed!
  • Retro Ribbons– You can make use of some retro styled ribbons for decorating your Christmas tree and this can make it look really enticing indeed.
  • Unconventionally Appealing– You can make use of several metallic décor accessories like gold crowns which can be used for topping the tree or even a bass drum which can be made into a tree stand!
  • Classic Designs– You can opt for a red and green throw to be placed on the ladder and can choose a scarf for the caribou. This adds nostalgia, particularly if you fashion vintage wrapping paper as a pivotal part of the Christmas tree.
  • Pink and Gold hues– You can always use metallic gold for your Christmas tree fused with pink and other unique colours. You will need items like hydrangea steams, gold mesh ribbons, string lights and rose stems for this purpose.
  • The Farmhouse Look– In case you love simple, farmhouse themed Christmas trees, you can make use of cotton pieces, bells and pinecone ornaments to do up your tree yourself. This will lend it a rustic flavor.
  • Miniature Tree– You can go mini this Christmas by using a vintage or retro tin to serve as a container holding a small Christmas tree which can be placed on a cabinet and you can do this up with small lights, Christmas balls and the like.
  • Rusticity Unfurled– This tree requires you to make use of twine ornaments in the right sequence along with miniature woodland creatures, plaid ribbons and letters.
  • Innovative Greetings– You can always have a collage of greeting cards depicting your friends and family members which can be clipped down to a jute rope along with some jewel-esque ornaments for greater nostalgia.
  • Nature’s Scene– You can opt for deer and owl ornaments or make them yourself with cardboard. You can opt for battery-powered candles along with retro skis and snowshoes for creating a 100% natural look. You will also require bottlebrush trees which can be arranged accordingly.
  • Floral Designs– You can choose silk flowers in several colours and sizes for embellishing your Christmas tree. You can decorate the tree with these Christmas flowers yourself for a floral yet beautiful look!

These are some of the simplest DIY Christmas tree decoration ideas that you should certainly try out! Christmas is fast catching up on us and this is the best time to deck up your home for the holiday season with full gusto!

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